Five ways to celebrate new parents in your life

Have friends of yours just become parents for the first time? Here are five ways you can help them to celebrate.

The baby has finally arrived. Ten months of anxious conversations, excitement, and reassurance later, your gal pal has delivered a baby into the world. You’re over the moon for your friend and want to show both her and her partner how excited you are for them.

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. In this article, we give you five ways to celebrate the new parents in your life. 

1) Think things through 

Although your new parent friends are eager to celebrate with you too, understand that they are busy being new parents and need time to decompress. You should be mindful and respect their increased distance and know that to express your most genuine congratulations, you need to gift them something that will help them relax. Your gift has to say more than congratulations, it has to say, I’m excited for your new baby and for you! 

2) Work out what to buy the new parents 

So then, what to buy new parents? Clothes for the baby? Maybe – but if you do, know that there are major mistakes to avoid when shopping for children’s clothing. To avoid that hassle, you could go for something more heartwarming. Chances are, your friend has already accumulated a lifetime’s worth of baby gifts from family. You are in a unique position to stand out and do something different. Find a gift that says, hey, you matter too

There are a few considerations to remember when you buy nursery pillows online. You must first make sure that the cushion is composed of materials that are secure for your child. Look for hypoallergenic and non-toxic pillows, like those at Caden Lane. Take into account the pillow’s size and form as well.

You need a cushion that will fit comfortably in your infant’s crib or bassinet and give them the proper head and neck support. Additionally, you should pick a pillow that is simple to clean because babies can get messy. Look for pillows that can be machine washed and yet maintain their form.

If you want to go the extra mile, why not think about getting them a car seat for the new baby? You can visit Nuna Baby for car seats as they have a great range that could be perfect for the little bundle of joy. Not only is it thoughtful but it is also something that will help with keeping the baby safe which will be appreciated by the parents.

3) Give the gift of self-care  

New parents will be so consumed with their baby that they will have lost touch with the importance of self-care. You can remind them of this vital duty by gifting them with something that incorporates self-care. Buy them a massage or dinner voucher. Food, stress-relief CBD products, and relaxation at a lovely spa are the perfect gifts for new parents. 

If a spa is out of the question, create a wellness retreat from home. Once you’ve created a sanctuary at their home, place some new baby flowers on their kitchen table for décor. They’ll love the gesture! It’s essential for new parents to remember that they need to take care of themselves if they want to find as much enjoyment from parenthood as they can.  

4) Help around the house 

Offer other things that would be deeply appreciated during this time. You could offer to clean their house while they’re watching the baby or offer to watch the baby while they take a much-needed nap. Neither one of these gifts comes with a fancy ribbon, but they indeed are the icing on the cake. Your friends will be appreciative of your help, so trust that your gift is as good as gold. 

You can also offer to cook meals or meal prep for them while they have their hands full. If you’re a great cook, this is a bonus. Your friends will look forward to eating a delicious home cooked meal. 

5) Give small gifts that reinforce friendship

Before having a baby, your ‘new parent friends’ were just your friends. Remind them of this and gift them with stuff you know they like. A cute wallet, a pair of boots that remind them of a trip you took together, or a special lotion you know they love are great options to consider. However, avoid clothing; new parent friends likely do not feel like themselves physically. 

Congratulate your new parent friends

To congratulate your new parent friends, don’t go for obvious gifts like baby gear. Focus on them as people first, and they will appreciate you for your thoughtfulness and the gentle reminder that though they may be great parents, they are also your friends and a bunch of other great things, too! 

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado