Seven mistakes to avoid when shopping for children’s clothing

Shopping for children’s clothes can be a thankless task, especially for first-time parents. Are are seven mistakes to avoid.

There’s so much to take into account when buying clothes for a child. The clothes need to fit. You need to like them. Your child needs to like them. They need to be appropriate for your child’s lifestyle. They need to be comfortable. They need to watch well. And they need to be on budget.

You also need to take into account any changes in your child’s size and taste (growth spurts and fads can happen seemingly out of nowhere!). You also need, these days, a black book of the current favourite online stores that offer stylish clothes at a reasonable price.

Seven mistakes to avoid when shopping for children’s clothing

To help you avoid expensive mistakes, here are seven errors to avoid when buying clothes for a child.

1) Avoid choosing style over comfort

Many parents love dressing their children up in cute, stylish clothes – especially if they planning to share photos with family and friends on social media, or taking them out to meet people.

But don’t neglect comfort when choosing outfits! TThink of the occasion you are dressage your child for and ensure that their clothes are appropriate for both the occasion and the function. It’s always safe to buy the basic ones like the eco tops from the Unique Baby Store.

They’ll want to play and rest comfortably, so ensure they have plenty of movement, and that the material is comfortable and the clothes fit well. And, as obvious as it sounds, if you’re heading out for a play date outside in a park then it’s probably not a great idea to dress them in their best white outfit!

When shopping, consider what kind of activities your child enjoys and the kind of events you’ll be taking them to and buy outfits that fit both.

2) Not planning ahead

In the same vein, consider what is coming up in the next few weeks and months and ensure you have outfits that will be appropriate. Take into account seasonal changes and school or nursery calendars, too.

Also plan ahead for any growth spurts! Don’t spend a fortune on a designed outfit for an event in six months’ time based on your child’s current size. Either size up a little, just in case or, if you can, wait until closer to the time and buy an outfit that fits then.

3) Ignoring return policies

It is always important to check out a store’s return policy, especially when shopping for clothes online. When you are buying clothes online, it is easy to make a mistake in choosing the right size – especially as fit can vary greatly from brand to brand.

Some online retail stores have good return policies, while others don’t offer any return policies. So before you end up left with an expensive mistake, check what an online retailer’s return policy is, including who needs to pay for return shipping.

It’s even more important to stick to stores that allow for returns in case clothes don’t fit when buying for a child. Debenhams sales in the UK have some of the best return policies, which can be reassuring as a parent.

4) Purchasing from unreliable shopping sites

It’s nit just he style and quality of clothes, price and return policy you need to consider when buying children’s clothes online from a new store. You also need to ensure the store themselves are reliable.

Some online stores lure you in with cheap offers, only to send out poor quality clothes, or offer poor quality customers service, So before you part with any money, check out the store’s reviews on independent review sites – and heed any negative reviews!

5) Ignoring shipping costs

We’ve already mentioned the importance of checking out the responsibility for shipping fees when returning a product. But what about when buying in the first place?

Always check out the delivery options and costs before buying children’s clothes from an online store. Some stores can appear to have bargains… only for any savings in buying an item to be swallowed up in exorbitant delivery charges.

Many stores today offer free shipping, either for every item or if you spend over a set amount. And even if a store does charge, check that their fees are reasonable, before hitting checkout.

6) Ignoring product description and sizes

Children’s clothes can look attractive in a carefully staged and lit promotional photo, but what is it actually like? Before you add an item to cart, read the details carefully. Always check for important information such as color, size, material, and any other relevant information.

Also – importantly! – check out the washing instructions. If you’re buying clothes for your child to wear for messy play, you don’t want to have to dry clean them!

7) Not buying matching accessories

If your child’s style is important to you, then consider the whole look, not just individual items. So, just as if you were buying clothes for your own wardrobe, think about what kind of footwear they have – style and colour. Then choose items that would go with that footwear for a more co-ordinated look. Some online stores such as Debenhams sales even offer matching accessories for their baby outfits.

Ready to shop?

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to hit the virtual shops and buy your child a new outfit, or even entire wardrobe! If you’re looking for quality wear for children without high price tags. check out the sales at online stores like Next, John Lewis, Argos, Studio and Tofs.