Five milestone purchases to celebrate your career success

If you work hard then you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your success. Here are five milestone purchases you may want to reward yourself with.

There are certain milestones – such as getting a promotion, closing your first deal, or acquiring new clients – that should be celebrated. And, while a glass of champagne or a fancy dinner are certainly nice, sometimes you deserve to reward yourself with something more.

Here are a few items you might consider purchasing to celebrate a signifiant career or business moment. They’ll show everyone that you mean business – and that you’re good at it.

1) Designer sunglasses

The first thing you might want to consider, if you don’t already own a pair, is designer sunglasses.

Forget the budget buys from high street stores, or rip off fake designer sunglasses from market stalls; nothing compares to a beautifully designed and made pair of designer glasses.

You feel more successful just putting them on. And there’s something very satisfying about owning a beautiful, luxury product that you bought yourself from your own success.

2) Luxury watch

There are a few reasons why you should pair your designer sunglasses with a luxury watch. First of all, watches aren’t just handy for telling time – they’re solid investments.

A high-quality watch is built to last, which means that they usually retain their value very well. The most durable watches are made in Switzerland, like Omega and Rolex, so look for a “Swiss Made” emblem to purchase premium.

Also, a luxury watch makes you stand out. They immediately change people’s perception of you with every handshake and will help you close deals faster than before by giving off an air of sophistication. Finally, a nice watch showcases your success and works as a stylish, impressive accessory at the office.

3) New car

Pulling up to a business meeting in a brand new car screams “the pinnacle of success”. The only catch is that, unlike an expensive watch, an expensive new car does not retain its value. In fact, once you find a car dealership and drive your new set of wheels off the lot, its value plummets immediately.

For that reason, many frugal consumers prefer to shop used cars versus the latest model. One option you might consider is leasing a car instead of buying it. That way, you can ride around in a sexy 2020 German sports car without having to worry about depreciation.

As an added bonus, you get to trade in the vehicle at the end of the lease and can upgrade to a new one to make sure you’re always driving the latest and greatest.

4) Property

The next milestone purchase you should make as you progress through your career is a piece of property – there’s no better way to build wealth and increase your net worth.

Even if you’re fine renting your Manhattan high rise apartment and don’t want to deal with the responsibilities of homeownership, hear us out: you can purchase a condo and turn it into a rental unit.

Rentership is on the rise so finding tenants will be no problem at all, especially if you buy property in a prime location, and you can have a steady stream of passive income. If you don’t want to take on all the tasks a landlord has to handle, simply hire a property manager who can do the grunt work for you! See Oakville developments and condos for more property options.

5) Dream vacation

This one’s important. Too many working women get so caught up in climbing the ladder that they forget to pause and enjoy the fruits of their labor. You have to remember to take care of your sanity, manage your stress, and spend time with your family by taking occasional time off work.

Whether you take an all-inclusive cruise that tours through Europe, ski the Alps, relax on a tropical beach, or fly across the country, there’s only one thing that matters: seeing the world, enjoying quality time with loved ones, and making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Go on a vacation at least once a year, or consider packing up and backpacking for a few months. The work will always be there, and time off will make you feel restored and re-motivated when you return.

Photo by Ali Pazani