Five sophisticated watches to wear at the office

There’s usually no shortage of ways to find out the time in an office: there’s the wall clock, your laptop, your phone, and probably the microwave too. So why would you need a watch?

Wearing a watch isn’t just about having something to display the time, however (although that is a big part of it); it’s also about displaying something stylish and functional on your wrist to complete your look.

And, while there are watches made for sports, watches great for going out for drinks, let’s focus on watches that are perfect for the office. These should be classy, not too brash, and be just elegant enough that they receive admiring glances from your colleagues.

Whether you’ve never owned a watch before or simply want to pick up something new after wearing the same model for years, you’ll discover that there’s a watch to suit everyone. Soon enough, you’ll probably feel odd if you don’t strap one on your wrist when getting dressed in the morning.

We’ve listed a few women’s watches that range in price and come from different brands, but each one has something in common: They are perfect for the office and deserve to be worn.

Newgate – Cubeline

British watch brand Newgate has come a long way in recent years and has managed to separate itself from the big Swiss players. One of its latest watch models, the Cubeline, does something daringly different: it’s square shaped.

While this isn’t world-changing stuff, it’s still markedly dissimilar from many typical watches, and the dial and strap are modern and chic to warrant it a spot on your wrist. Available in four different colours, the Cubeline is bound to shake things up a bit in your office.

Lilienthal Berlin – L1

The L1 is one of the coolest things to ever come out of Berlin, and that’s saying something. Undeniably awesome and with a swagger not many watches can pull off, the L1 looks best in the All Black colour.

The metallic shine of the dial, the stainless steel casing, glow-in-the-dark hands, and leather strap just somehow give it a finish that is hard to beat. Available in either 37.5mm or 42.5mm sizes, there’s rarely a watch like this, so be the first one in your team to pick it up before everyone else.

Breitling – Navitimer Automatic 41

This is the one where you really splash out. Breitling watches aren’t known to be cheap, but they do have incredible craftsmanship and stunning designs. Surprisingly light but still built to last, the Navitimer Automatic 41 looks best in Steel Blue and with a black alligator strap.

Not garish with diamonds or gold, this Breitling is all about Swiss refinement and design. Our tip? Try online here and you might get one far cheaper than in a high street store. Alternatively, you can find some Rolex Datejust watches for women at a great price.

Daniel Wellington – Classic Petite Melrose

DW is yet another watch company breaking the mould by manufacturing gorgeous watches that have simple designs and affordable price tags. Most DW models are quite similar, but the Classic Petite Melrose sticks out the most due to the eggshell white dial, rose gold mesh strap, and a style that’s modest but far from dull.

Swatch – Purpletwist

If there’s one brand that does cheap and cheerful effortlessly, it’s got to be Swatch. A bit of a black sheep compared to other Swiss watch companies, Swatch watches are all about colour, fun, and being bold.

The Purpletwist has big hour markers, a beautiful purple and pink silicone strap, and a design that’s perfect for office workers who don’t take life so seriously. Like these pretty pastel items, this watch will bring some joy into your office.

Photo by Lucija Ros