Six reasons why you should invest in a luxury watch

Do you have a secret passion for luxury watches? Love to feel the weight of a well-made timepiece on your wrist? Like the craftsmanship and design of a beautiful, Swiss-made piece?

If you were hoping someone would finally pick up the hint, and you’d unwrap the beautiful, luxury watch you’ve coveted for so long for your birthday or Christmas, but remain disappointed we have a bold idea. Why not buy it yourself?

The next time you’re browsing Omega watches online, why not stop simply coveting your favourite model, and instead treat yourself to a gift that will fill you with love and pride every time you look at it? If you need a little more convincing, here are six reasons why you should invest in a luxury watch.

1) It showcases your hard work

If you can afford to buy yourself a luxury watch, then you’ve probably worked hard to get to that position in life. And, while times may be changing, it remains a fact that most global businesses are run by men. 

Wearing an investment watch is a status symbol, and one that’s particularly prevalent in the business world. We’ll explore this more later, but for now we simply want to make the point that, as a woman, wearing a timepiece that is respected by men can be one way to demonstrate that you’ve ‘made it’ – if that is what you wish to achieve.

It reflects the hard work you’ve put in and the challenges you’ve overcome to get to where you are today. And the subsequent success you’ve earned.

2) It’s an investment

Like collectable cars, luxury watches often retain their value – and some, depending on the model you buy, will even increase in value. Even, it seems, in difficult financial times:

“We live in uncertain economic times, but watch prices at Baselworld show no signs of making a cut-price concession to the unstable yen or rouble, or even the recent competition from the Apple Watch. Indeed, the opposite seems to be true: the higher the asking price, the greater the appeal, for cheapness may suggest a reduction in quality.”

So unlike blowing your money on a wardrobe that will date fast (and lose its value just as quickly), buying a luxury watch can be a wise investment. Just make sure you keep your watch in excellent condition, and keep hold of its box and any paperwork.

3) You can create a new family heirloom 

If you choose not to sell your luxury watch, then you can pass it down to your children in your will – creating a new family heirloom.

While passing down a watch has historically been a male-centric tradition, you can put your own spin on it by passing down to your child.

4) Luxury watches are built to last

One of the reasons why luxury watches are great sources of income or a possible heirloom item years down the road is because they’re built to last. Many of the luxury watches on the market are built by hand, using a balance between traditional techniques of expert watchmakers and modern technological innovations.

Swiss made watches, like Rolex and Omega, have long been considered the premium watches among luxury designers and watchmakers.

Switzerland has long been home to master watchmakers, and that “Swiss Made” label is hard-earned. For a watch to be produced with the Swiss Made emblem, it must have been assembled in Switzerland using high-quality, handmade movements also crafted within Swiss borders.

Every piece is inspected for quality before the label is applied. The methods used ensure precision and longevity. Consider the fact that the origins of these timepieces predate batteries and industrialisation.

5) You’ll stand out

In an era where, thanks to mobile phones and Apple Watches, there’s no need to wear a traditional watch, doing so can mark you out as someone with distinct values and qualities.

People who wear watches are show to be more conscientious and indeed, it’s even recommended that you wear a watch to a job interview if you want to make a positive impression.

In fact, wearing a luxury watch can have such a significant impact on people’s impression of you that there are companies who rent out high end timepieces to members for this very purpose. As one customer says: “People’s perception of who you are changes instantaneously, without even speaking a word to you, when they notice a luxury timepiece on your wrist.”

6) You love them

But the best, and most important (to us) reason why you may wish to invest in a luxury watch, is simply because you love them.

You’ve worked hard, and if you’ve been raising a family and running a home at the same time, then the chances are you’ve made plenty of sacrifices for others over the years. So why not recognise that you’re worth it and buy yourself a watch you really love?

Many women are more comfortable spending their time, thoughts and money on others. But there are times when you need to value and care for yourself. And there are few feelings more wonderful than treating yourself to something beautiful.

No waiting for someone else to buy it for you, or hoping someone picked up your hints and you may be gifted it for your birthday or Christmas. Buying yourself something you really want is empowering. And every time you look at your beautiful watch, you’ll appreciate the years you put into work to be able to afford to buy it for yourself.

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier