Talented Ladies Club in the media

Talented Ladies Club was launched in April 2013 by two friends – Hannah Matin and Kary Fisher – who met when they were pregnant with their daughters. They were compelled to create the site after witnessing their friends’ struggles to resume their careers once they became mothers.

Today, up to 78,000 talented women visit Talented Ladies Club every month looking for expert advice, inspiration and support. We also have an active social network reaching more than 40,000 people.

Our media coverage

Over the past few years, we’ve become go-to media experts on the subject of mothers looking to succeed in their career, go freelance or start a business, and the struggles they face.

Founder Hannah Martin has appeared live on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire TV show and on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, as well as on Sky and Channel 4 News. She’s also featured in the following national newspapers and magazines:

  • The Guardian
  • The Telegraph
  • The Sunday Times
  • The Independent
  • The Mail on Sunday
  • Psychologies
  • Stylist
  • Woman & Home
  • Prima
  • Woman
  • Gurgle

Hannah is an in-demand speaker and expert, delivering workshops, talks and tips for:

  • Mumsnet Workfest
  • The Work & Family Show
  • Mums Enterpise Roadshow
  • HER Event
  • IPSE International Woman’s Day event
  • The Telegraph
  • The Guardian

She also regularly attends two All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) at the House of Commons: Women Work and Women in Enterprise. She is currently contributing in a research group for the latter.

About Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin is a mum of two and an award-winning copywriter with 20 years’ experience working for some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies and brands. She’s also a qualified psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

If you would like to contact Hannah with any questions or enquiries about interviews, quotes, training or talks please email her.