Why working mums perform better in the workplace

While some employers may assume that working mums are somehow less committed to their career after having a baby, a recent survey in Australia shows this is very far from the truth.

The survey, carried out by cosmetic company The Heat Group, found that 61% of working mums think they do a better job after having a child.

This is partly put down to the fact that working mums are more keen to get the job done. Having a family has honed their time management, negotiating, budgeting and strategic skills. (And given them eyes in the backs of their head.)

Gillian Franklin, the general director of Heat, says this proves that organisations who consider working mums too much of a business risk are wrong:

“We need to change the language of business. Imagine how boring our workplaces would be if they were made up entirely of 20-somethings and men.

I want to remind business to celebrate the value of the working mother. Too often we hear about the risk and the cost involved of hiring women but that’s a dangerous attitude.”

She also highlighted the different, more driven work ethic of women coming back to work after starting a family:

“Working mothers are also very focused, because they have to be in and out and get the job done. There is no room for anything else.”

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