Get everything you need to build your business with 12 months of resources and support

Building a business on your own is tough and lonely. It's also fraught with unknown hazards, including easy mistakes that waste your time, chip away at your hope, and lose you money.

Mistakes like the wrong pricing, the wrong customers, the wrong marketing strategy, the wrong sales funnel, the wrong systems, the wrong branding... you get the idea!

But what if it wasn't like that?

What if someone guided you through the next 12 months of your business? And gave you the tools to avoid all those mistakes and instead help you price for profit, find the right customers, plan your marketing strategy, build your sales funnel, set up systems, define your branding and more?

And what if you also had a mentor on hand to answer your questions and give you practical and emotional support throughout the year? A mentor who has not only grown her own hugely successful and profitable business, but helped others like you do the same?

That's exactly what the TLC Business Club is designed to help you do.

So, 12 months from today you can be confidently running a healthy, strong and profitable business that you are rightfully proud of. And be having FUN while earning money.

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Meet your business mentor

Hello, I'm Hannah Martin and I'll be your business mentor for the next 12 months when you join the TLC Business Club.

I've run profitable businesses for the past 14 years, and have grown Talented Ladies Club into a global brand with over 100,000 monthly readers and dozens of online courses and masterclasses.

I love working with aspiring business owners and freelancers like you, and sharing the advice, tools and lessons that have helped me grow and make good money from my businesses.

Since launching Talented Ladies Club I've become a popular media commentator on female and business issues, a business mentor for NatWest's Entrepreneur Accelerator programme, and I'm a member of two All Party Parliamentary Groups.

I'm also a qualified hypnotherapist, psychologist and NLP Practitioner, which gives me some impressive psychology tools to help you get past any blockers and achieve your true potential.

I can't wait to work with you and help you make your business dreams a successful and rewarding reality.


Why we want to help YOU build a successful business

The TLC Business Club was born from a mission to help women start successful businesses. Research shows that more women than men WANT to start a business, but fewer actually end up doing so. And of those who do, they earn less money.

We want to change that. We have 14 years' experience in running our own profitable businesses, and seven years' experience in helping others start and grow theirs.

We've already run Kickstart, a year-long start-up business programme , the VIP Club, a six-month business course, and Double Your Profits, a 12-week business growth course, all of which achieved fantastic successes.

And now we've created this brand new, year-long course that takes you through those all-important foundations. So you can build a business that is well-structured, easy to run and makes good money - all things that sound simple but are incredibly hard to get right on your own.

We ourselves have continually invested in learning and mentorship in launching and growing Talented Ladies Club, and it is undoubtedly been a large part of the secret of our success.

Now we're paying it forward by giving you access to all the knowledge and tools we have acquired, plus all-important support and encouragement.

What do people say about our business courses?

"Hannah is the person I want by my side as I set up my business. She challenges me to think, spurs me into action, giving me the tools and strategies as I go."

- Joanne Brown (From Kickstart, our one-year business programme)

"Hannah's 'lives' in the group, and other one-to-one interactions and support have always been spot-on and backed up with such credibility, experience and humour! Worth every penny and by far one of my best business decisions."

- Jo Clifton, Heptagon HR, (From Kickstart, our one-year business programme)

"A really well set out, step-by-step course to really help you focus on setting up and establishing your business. Hannah is very supportive and generous with her time."

- Bonamy Gauvain Waddell, Bon Insight (From Kickstart, our one-year business programme)

"Kickstart has been great for me. I absolutely love the way it is structured. Just the right balance of really practical help, mixed with brilliant tools to help with mindset, confidence and visualisation."

- Sally Bunkham (From Kickstart, our one-year business programme)

"Kickstart is brilliant! I don’t want it to end and I’m only a couple of months in. Hannah has already given me the confidence boost I need to start to break through any blockers that are holding me back from starting my business."

- Sally Gurney, International events project manager (From Kickstart, our one-year business programme)

"Kickstart is invaluable. It provides the friendly support, accountability and knowhow that I need to build and move my business forward. I wouldn’t have got to this stage in my business journey without it."

- Jennie Adams, tutor (From Kickstart, our one-year business programme)

You're in the right place if...

So how do you know if THIS is the right course for you, right now? We believe you'll find the TLC Business Club an invaluable experience if:

  • You have a business idea but don't know if it's any good or how to bring it to life
  • You love the idea of running your own business or going freelance but don't want to go it alone
  • You feel ready to start a business and would love guidance and support
  • You've already launched a business but feel lost and lonely and aren't getting the results you want
  • You NEED your business to earn money and want to give it the best possible chance of success

How does the TLC Business Club help you?

So how does the TLC Business Club work? The course starts on 20 September and is a 12-month, fully online programme that helps you build the foundation of a successful and rewarding business.

You'll get everything you need to make smart decisions about your business, and the confidence to implement them, with the support and mentorship of us and your fellow TLC Business Club community. Here's what's included.

12 easy to follow, business-building modules

Every month you'll make rewarding progress on your business with expert masterclasses, lessons, workbooks and more.

12 months of invaluable, expert support

Get all the support and advice you need throughout the year on weekly group video calls. We break for school holidays.

A powerful community of entrepreneurs

Share your journey with a powerful community of entrepreneurs all working to the same common goal, and supporting and encouraging each other.

Watch a behind the scenes tour of the TLC Business Club

Your business roadmap for an exciting year

And here's what we'll accomplish together over the next 12 months. Each online module contains the tools and teaching you need to master every business building block, and you get ongoing support to ask questions and feel confident you're making great progress.

Plus you get these brilliant bonuses!

Get access to the Group Brain

As a member of the TLC Business Club, you get access to our brilliant Group Brain. You can ask the Group Brain questions and get an answer within two working days. You can also use the Group Brain as a valuable resources and search for answers to your business queries.

Get our Mindset Rewire

To ensure you're psychologically prepared, and to eliminate any negative mindset habits that may hijack your chances of success, when you join the TLC Business Club you get our clever Mindset Rewire. This is an easy psychological exercise that will literally change your mind and set you confidently up for the success you desire.

Perfect your business idea before you start

We want to make sure your business gets off to a strong start. So as soon as you join the TLC Business Club you get our Business Ideas Health Check.

Our easy-to-follow workbook takes you through some of the most important aspects of a business idea and gets you to stress test yours to see where it works, and where it might have issues right now.

So you can tweak it where needed and ensure you're ready to hit the ground running with an exciting idea that's bursting with financial potential.

Where will you be in a year's time?

Just think how much progress you're going to make on your business in our year together. In one year's time you'll have acquired so much business knowledge and experience, and accomplished so much. Here's just a taste of what you will have achieved:

  • Honed your brilliant business idea, and perfected your mission and plan
  • Set SMART business goals that have increased your likelihood of success
  • Grown a business that makes money, using systems that save you time
  • Priced your offering so you are attracting customers and making money
  • Identified your customers and be implementing an effective marketing plan
  • Mastered the psychology of sales and be using a strategy that works
  • Developed a strong brand identity, designed your website and started SEO
  • Grown your brand and found customers through social media and PR
  • Created evergreen content that is nurturing customers through your funnel
  • Built a resilient business mindset that gives you the edge over your competitors

"I totally back up your courses, Hannah. Every time I learn something new. Your expertise is the main reason I am still in business."

- Alejandra Gonaldi, Caligrapher

Join us for a year of spectacular business progress

Love the sound of the TLC Business Club and know it's exactly what you need right now? You can join monthly for £199/month and work through each module in sequence.

Or you can join annually for a one-off payment of £1999 and get access to the entire 12 modules immediately - so you can choose the order in which you do them.

Both options come with 12 months of support. So you can join today for just £199, or pay upfront and save £389, and look forward to building your business with our help.

Please note, enrolment closes on 19 September.

SAVE £389

  • 12 easy to follow, business-building modules
  • 12 months of invaluable, expert support
  • A powerful community of entrepreneurs
  • Access to the Business Club Group Brain
  • The Mindset Rewire
  • Our Business Idea Health Check
  • Access to all 12 modules from day one



  • 12 easy to follow, business-building modules
  • 12 months of invaluable, expert support
  • A powerful community of entrepreneurs
  • Access to the Business Club Group Brain
  • The Mindset Rewire
  • Our Business Idea Health Check


Your 100% happy guarantee

We want you to be 100% happy with your decision to join the TLC Business Club. So if in the first 14 days of joining the programme you change your mind, just let us know and we'll refund your investment in full*.

* In order to claim your money back guarantee you must only have accessed one module (month) of the programme.

How working with Hannah transformed these women's businesses

"I was starting a business with no budget; I had nothing. But you need to invest in something that’s going to help you create a structure, because I really floundered in the beginning knowing what to do when.

It’s really easy to focus on too many things at once, and… the programme will give you that structure to focus on one thing, do it really well, get it right and move on. I think it will really help people not be overwhelmed because that happens so easily in the early days.

Kickstart gave me all of the resources I needed for things I had no knowledge about, like setting up a website, SEO and social media… I’ve looked at lots of different business clubs and training course and some of them are really unfriendly and not approachable.

TLC is a really supportive network and that is what really sold it to me. It’s talented people helping other talented people and it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at, because there’s always something you’ll get out of it.

I think it’s a must-have really. It was essential for me; it’s got me to the stage where I’m at now and I don’t think I could have done it without it."

- Jennie Adams, tutor (From Kickstart, our one-year business programme)

"At the end of last year I was wondering how to grow my business and how to tap into support from other businesses. It felt like I was the only one facing the challenges of starting a business, and as soon as you start talking to other people who run businesses you realise you’re all facing similar issues.

That part of it and having the online networking, and the group and the support threads and the sharing of ideas, and getting feedback helped reduce the loneliness of being a small business owner. It also helps you progress – people suggesting ideas you might not have even considered can help you grow your business.

Another thing is having the templates and the support and they’re easily set out. They take you through a guided progress of what you need to think about. When you start out running a business for the first time you think, "how am I going to do this?" Having those guides is really helpful to stop you getting overwhelmed.

Sometimes you just need someone to say, "I’ve been there and done it, and it’s going to be fine.""

- Rhiannon Abbott, Epsom Bakehouse (From Kickstart, our one-year business programme)

"From the very first discovery call I had with you, I have completely changed the way I see myself and my business.

It has given me the confidence to really value my work, have focus on the types of customers I want to attract and how to reach them.

Since September, when we started this course, my sales have increased by 240%."

- Kerry Coleman, Coleman Hammond (From TLC VIP Club, our six-month business course)

"I am so excited to announce I made over £10,600 on my course launch this week. 84 amazing students on board. After 18 months of failed launches using all the wrong marketing strategies, I finally joined Hannah Martin's program and it has turned my business around in ways I couldn't even imagine.

- Dr Kayleigh Fawcett Williams, WildlifeTek (From Double Your Profits, our three- month business course)

"Hannah's knowledge is extensive, she has some fantastic stories to back up what she is telling you, and she is incredibly personable.

Thanks to Hannah, the changes to my business have been incredible - some small, some big, all impactful. If you're ever given the opportunity to work with Hannah grab it!

- Laura Harmsworth, Caversham CV (From TLC VIP Club, our six-month business course)

"Before I did Double Your Profits I felt really guilty for not being with my kids, or at the end of the month not bringing enough money to my house, even when I worked really hard. And I was starting to feel like I was not good at my job because of that.

I was blaming my ability rather than the method I was using. But now I have a much better understanding of business, and I have more organisation in my daily work.

Importantly, I can also see when things are not right, and understand why that’s the case. And I know how to make the changes needed. I have a holistic vision of my business, rather than only seeing some parts of it in isolation.

I got my entire investment back from one workshop that I ran because of the course. "

- Alejandra Gonaldi, Caligrapher (From Double Your Profits, our three- month business course)

"I have recently completed the Double Your Profits programme and can not shout loud enough how useful it was.

Hannah shares soooo much wisdom, content and just the right amount of accountability pressure to ensure I worked through the processes to build my business.

With her cheerleading and knowledge, I have developed a website, a sales and marketing plan, an online learning platform, mastered Google Sheets and email automation, signed up to booking and payment systems and my administration processes are more efficient, allowing me to spend more time selling and delivering.

If you want to find out what your business is all about, how it can earn you money and meet like-minded and supportive women, you need Hannah in your life!"

- Caroline Would, Ad Astra Coaching (From Double Your Profits, our three- month business course)


When does the course run?

The TLC Business Club starts on 20 September, and runs for 12 months. So if you have children it gives you time to get them settled into a routine at school or nursery. It's completely online and the modules are self-paced which means you can work on it when, where and how you like.

My business idea is unique. Will this still work for me?

The principles we teach you are sector agnostic. You'll learn good business practice that will work for any type of business - whether you're online e-commerce, a bricks and mortar business or provide a service. (It's suitable for freelancers.)

What's more important than the type of business you run is the type of person you are. From experience the kind of people who thrive in this process are those who are ready and willing to take action, and trust the process. We know what we share with you works - we've proven it time and time again - but YOU will need to actually do the work to get results.

How much time will I need to devote to the course?

That depends partly on you. Obviously the more time you can put into your business, the quicker you'll make progress. But not all time is equal. What we teach you will SAVE you time because you'll work smarter on the tasks that will have the most impact on your business.

But if you're looking for some guidance, if you can spend at least two hours a week, you'll easily be able to manage the course content.

I'm worried I'll lose focus. How much accountability is involved?

We don't hold you personally accountable for your progress - instead we give you the timeframe and the process to follow, with structure and milestones to keep you motivated and on track. And we're there to cheer you on and offer guidance and support in our weekly calls.

The reality is that if you seriously want to run a profitable, thriving business you need to be personally accountable. So we don't teach you to be dependent on us for your progress - we help you dig into YOUR why, YOUR goals and YOUR skills. So when you finish the programme you're already flying solo, and loving it!

How long do I have access to the programme?

You have lifetime access to the online content. So if you want to re-visit an exercise or masterclass later on you can. The programme itself is structured over 12 months, with 12 monthly modules and group calls over the 12 months.

How often are the calls?

You have 42 group calls over the 12 months. The calls are weekly, with breaks for school holidays. Once you start the course we'll send you a questionnaire to find the best time for the calls. All calls are recorded for you to watch afterwards if you wish. If you can't make a call you are welcome to submit a question and we'll answer in the call.

How often do you run this course?

This course has an annual intake. So if you miss this cohort you'll need to wait a year to join. And just think on the progress (and income!) you'll have missed out on while you wait.

How much money will I make from my business?

Again, this depends on your business and on you! We can't promise you anything - and no one responsible running courses like this ever should. What we can say is that we know what businesses who make money do right, and we show you how to do the same.

We also know what business who don't make money usually do wrong, and we'll show you how to avoid that!

The advice, systems and strategies we show you over the year we're together have helped us and other business owners and freelancers like you make good money, and our aim for this course is for you to create a business that doesn't just turn over money but actually makes you a PROFIT.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy?

We want you to be absolutely happy with the decision to join the TLC Business Club. So if in the first 14 days of the course starting you decide you want a refund just let us know and we'll return your money in full, no questions asked.

If you have signed up for the annual plan, you must only have accessed one module in order to receive a full refund.

If you change your mind, or your circumstances change, any time after the first 14 days, we'll happily stop your payment plan for future months, or refund you for any unused modules if you joined the annual plan. Please do note that we cannot refund you for modules you have already accessed.

Got a question we haven't answered here? Email Hannah directly at with "TLC Business Club question" as a subject line and she'll be happy to answer.

What's it like working with Hannah?

Ready to join us for a year of rewarding business progress?

Choose your plan and join us now!

SAVE £389

  • 12 easy to follow, business-building modules
  • 12 months of invaluable, expert support
  • A powerful community of entrepreneurs
  • Access to the Business Club Group Brain
  • The Mindset Rewire
  • Our Business Idea Health Check
  • Access to all 12 modules from day one



  • 12 easy to follow, business-building modules
  • 12 months of invaluable, expert support
  • A powerful community of entrepreneurs
  • Access to the Business Club Group Brain
  • The Mindset Rewire
  • Our Business Idea Health Check


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