Why now is the right time for a home update

As you’re home more lately than in recent years, you may be noticing that it’s time for some exciting upgrades to your living space.

When the pandemic inevitably passes, and the world opens back up to normalcy, you’ll still long to come home to an inviting and comfortable space that’s designed just for you.

Take these moments of staying home and turn them into opportunities to evaluate your home, specifically your kitchen.

How does it function and flow? People use their kitchens a little differently. How do you use yours? Does it work for you? Is it outdated and ready for a fresh start? Look to luxury kitchens for inspiration and expert guidance when you’re ready for something new.

What are you looking for in a kitchen upgrade?

When you’re beginning the process of renovating, consider what you’re really looking for in an upgraded kitchen. Write down all of your needs and wants. Deciding on a kitchen theme is a solid place to start. While many stick with the usual minimalistic design, the rustic farmhouse look is also widely desired among many homeowners.

The good thing is you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve this homely look. You can opt for budget-friendly farmhouse sinks, upcycled tables, repurposed jars for decor, and even some wooden wall signs.

Other items to note circle around your stage in life. Do you have a large collection of pots and pans? Do you routinely use them? If you do, then proper storage needs to be added to your design. Will you be entertaining frequently after the pandemic?

If you answer in the affirmative, consider adding an additional oven into your kitchen. What about general food storage? Pantries range in a wide variety of sizes. They all serve the important purpose of allowing you to store non-perishables easily at home.

If you’ve found that your shopping habits have changed to infrequent grocery store trips during Covid restrictions and it has worked well for your lifestyle, that will be a factor in how large you may want a future pantry to be. And, they can be just as beautiful as the rest of your new kitchen.

What about technology?

Another factor in kitchen design today is technology. Technology is everywhere and ever helpful. Having your phone or tablet nearby for recipes is essential.

Work with your kitchen designers to have plugs and USB outlets strategically placed throughout your new space for ease of access. Other ideas are to have outlets installed in the pantry for toaster ovens and small vacuums for quick crumb clean-up.

The sky is truly the limit to what you can bring into the utilitarian kitchen. Today, anything goes, and it all works. Designer lighting, beautifully framed artwork, and plush seating all blend seamlessly with a wide variety of cabinetry from bespoke to Shaker and everything in between.

Is there a specific design or pattern you’ve been eyeing on the latest home improvement show? Now is the time to add it to your home repertoire. Two-toned cabinetry with gorgeous wallpaper will make your morning tea all the more enjoyable.

The kitchen table is more important than ever to people everywhere. It is utilized for all manners of work, education, play, and of course eating meals. Seek out the experts in design to make the best use of your space with updated designs and aesthetics. You’ll have inspiration for years to come. Get ready to make some memories.

Photo by August de Richelieu