The perfect inspirational read: Build a Business From Your Kitchen Table

If you’re looking for an inspiring business read, what better than a ‘how to’ guide from two mums who started one of the UK’s most successful websites,

Written by Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker, Build a Business From Your Kitchen Table talks about their background and tells you how they started their business, charting the very real ups and downs of their journey. It also contains great, practical advice for would-be business owners, plus a really useful Down and Dirty Test to see if your business idea could go the distance.

Build a Business From Your Kitchen Table covers everything from finding a name for your business and shaping your brand, to business plans, customer service, public relations, networking, funding, working with friends and family, and even how to stay sane while building your empire.

In fact, we love the book so much we bought a copy each!

As the Evening Standard says:

‘Cornish and Tucker’s ‘how we did it’ business book is written in clear, jargon-free prose. Almost anyone, from a teenager with an entrepreneurial streak to the rest of us who wonder how we can pack more into our day or manage our finances better, will get something from this book’.

And Amazon:

‘With startling honesty, they lay bare the truth about getting started while raising a young family at the same time. They believe that anyone should be able to achieve a great working life on their own terms. Here’s how’.

Buy your copy of Build a Business From Your Kitchen Table from Amazon now and start getting inspired!