What does a completed marketing plan look like?

Over the past few weeks we’ve been sharing details of our new online course Marketing Made Easy. And we thought it might be helpful to share what you actually have once you completed it.

The aim of Marketing Made Easy is for you to have a completed evergreen marketing strategy ready to use within just eight weeks. To help you get there, we guide you as you identify your idea customers and build your avatars, define the journey you take people on, and the content and messaging you need for them to complete that journey – and be ready to buy from or hire you.

Here’s how we guide you through the process. Modules usually start with a short video like this:

After watching the video, you work through the written lessons supporting it:

At the end of each lesson you’ll usually complete an exercise using the worksheets and other resources we give you. This way you apply your learning straight away while it’s front of mind, and build your plan easily as you go along.

To suit your preferred way of working you can download our worksheets and write on them, or you can edit them directly on screen and save and/or print them:

By the time you’ve completed the course you’ll have an avatar worksheet that looks like this:

And a content matrix filled in to inspire ideas:

You’ll also have defined your objections to purchase so you can manage them in your marketing:

You’ll have completed your marketing plan (this is just the first sheet):

And you’ll have your monthly content and goals planned out, with handy to-do list to keep you on track:

So finally you have a professional marketing plan that you can use to grow your brand, reach more customers, nurture them to sale and build a loyal customer base. Mastering marketing could not be easier or more enjoyable.

Click here to find out more about Marketing Made Easy and how it can help you grow your business with a professional marketing plan.