Launch your marketing plan in just eight weeks

(And watch your customers, sales and profits grow)

If you don't have enough customers or sales, the chances are it's not your fault. It's your marketing.

We've seen too many brilliant businesses and freelancers struggle to make enough money because of simple, easy-to-avoid marketing mistakes.

Mistakes like missing out a whole chunk of their marketing journey, or trying to appeal to the wrong people. Or, like as many as 50% of small businesses, having no marketing plan at all.

We want to help you avoid these mistakes by giving you a simple, proven marketing strategy. In Marketing The Easy Way you'll learn how marketing works, and build and launch your own bespoke plan over the next eight weeks.

Just think: in eight weeks' time you could have a year's marketing strategy up and running, and a powerful template for your campaigns. It's the exact strategy that helped us grow our profits by 3,150% in just five years.

This is a must-have course for any small business owner or freelancer who wants more customers and clients, and a steady stream of sales from their marketing.

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Marketing The Easy Way is for you if:

  • You’re a small business owner or freelancer and you don't have a clue where to start with marketing and can’t afford to pay someone to do it for you.
  • You love marketing but aren’t sure what you’re doing. You would love to confidently build and launch a strategy that works.
  • You’ve been having a go at your marketing but your approach isn’t getting you the results you want and you don't know why. You need help!
  • Your company is growing and you need marketing support but aren’t ready to hire an agency yet. Instead you want to train up a member of staff to do your own marketing.
  • You don't have time to wade through lots of theory - you want a practical, step-by-step guide that will give you a bespoke, proven strategy ready to launch.

What do people say about Hannah's courses?

"Working with Hannah has been fantastic. She puts so much into her course and goes above and beyond.

She really helped us to move our career coaching products online and to gain a sound understanding of how to market and sell these effectively.

We have mastered a sales technique that works and got us new clients and leads, and we will continue to use the tools and techniques Hannah has taught us going forward."

Rebecca Wilding-Jones, career coach

"I completed the course and, simply by following the instructions, have launched a brand new online course and filled my first cohort easily.

It’s the planning and flow of the course that really works because it takes you through every step of the process, including how to use Mailchimp to send a lead magnet and how to set up payments through PayPal and Stripe. So you can literally come from knowing nothing and learn a complete process which could then be replicated as much as you like.

Having the creation, marketing and sales all in one course is really powerful and makes this a no brainer when it comes to investment in your business."

Emma Rundle, Melting Pot Creations

"The 14-day marketing plan the course gives us was a dream. The step-by-step structure of how to go about selling your course was so useful. In fact it worked so well I’m going to use it for other campaigns, not just my course!

I’m not from a marketing background, so I loved how the course simplified how to sell and took us through the whole process."

Sally Smy, Queen Bee Styling

How we help you launch your marketing plan in eight weeks

Over the next eight weeks you'll understand how marketing works and build a powerful strategy that delivers the customers and sales you want, step-by-step. By the end of the course you'll have a brilliant, 12-month plan ready to launch, plus all the tools you need to create future plans and campaigns.

Here's what you'll accomplish every week.


Learn marketing

In week one you'll discover what 'marketing' really means, the difference between evergreen marketing and marketing campaigns, the three essential elements of marketing, and what a completed marketing plan looks like.


Find your people

In week two you'll learn why 'niching' into your target audience is so important. You'll research your ideal customer, turn them into avatars you can use for marketing, and work out how you can find more of these people.


Build your journey

In week three you'll find out why all customers need to join a 'journey' with you, and why so many businesses get this wrong. You'll build the six stages of your journey, learn how much time a buyer needs, and master the two types of buying trigger.


Define your messaging

In week four you'll develop powerful messaging that will appeal to your ideal customer and nurture them through your journey. You'll define your mission, vision and values, craft copy that describes what you do, overcome objections, and build your messaging matrix.


Map your content

In week five you'll create your marketing content plan. You'll discover the type of content you need at every stage of your journey, come up with specific ideas, and map out your content with powerful content that converts.


Grow your loyalty

In week six you'll discover the power of loyalty and develop ways to build it into your marketing strategy. We'll show you how to make it easier and more special to buy from you, and how to encourage repeat purchases and grow your LTV.


Plan your campaigns

In week seven we'll show you how to build impressively simple marketing campaigns. We take you through the steps of planning a campaign, show you the content your campaigns need, and give you a template to create powerful campaigns that convert.


Launch your strategy

In week eight we put everything together to plan a brilliant evergreen marketing strategy, ready to launch. You plan your marketing goals, conduct a SWOT analysis, then launch your plan with our easy-to-use worksheet and template.

Join two live video workshops

To ensure you get plenty of support and opportunities to ask questions, or get feedback on an idea, you can join two group Q&A video workshops at key points of the course.

The live workshops are hosted by Hannah Martin. Every workshop is recorded so you can watch afterwards if you are unable to join them. You can also submit questions in advance to be answered during the workshop.

Hannah's workshops are always a popular part of her courses, and provide unbeatable value and support.

What does a completed marketing plan look like?

The aim of Marketing Made Easy is for you to have a completed evergreen marketing strategy ready to use within just eight weeks.

To help you get there, we guide you as you identify your idea customers and build your avatars, define the journey you take people on, and the content and messaging you need for them to complete that journey - and be ready to buy from or hire you. 

Here's how we guide you through the process. Modules usually start with a short video like this:

After watching the video, you work through the written lessons supporting it:

At the end of each lesson you'll usually complete an exercise using the worksheets and other resources we give you. This way you apply your learning straight away while it's front of mind, and build your plan easily as you go along. 

To suit your preferred way of working you can download our worksheets and write on them, or you can edit them directly on screen and save and/or print them:

By the time you've completed the course you'll have an avatar worksheet that looks like this:

And a content matrix filled in to inspire ideas:

You'll also have defined your objections to purchase so you can manage them in your marketing:

You'll have completed your marketing plan (this is just the first sheet):

And you'll have your monthly content and goals planned out, with handy to-do list to keep you on track:

So finally you have a professional marketing plan that you can use to grow your brand, reach more customers, nurture them to sale and build a loyal customer base. Mastering marketing could not be easier or more enjoyable. 

Take a look inside the course

After completing this course you'll have:

  • An understanding of how marketing works and what your plan needs to be successful
  • Completed your marketing avatars so you can attract the most valuable customers
  • Built your customer journey so you can nurture the right people until they're ready to buy
  • Designed a messaging matrix with compelling messages for each stage of your journey
  • Planned your content ideas and mapped them across your complete marketing journey
  • Mastered your loyalty strategy so you keep more happy customers and grow your LTV
  • Created your campaign plan so you're ready to build powerful sales campaigns
  • Launched a brilliant marketing strategy, ready to transform your business

Meet your teacher

Hello, I'm Hannah Martin, and I'm the founder of Talented Ladies Club.

I've worked in the marketing industry since 1997, when I joined Ogilvy & Mather in Hong Kong as a copywriter. Over the next few years I worked on international campaigns for clients like The Economist, Sony, Google, Sheraton, and Ford, and won many awards for my work.

Since becoming a freelancer and then launching Talented Ladies Club, I've adapted and invested in my skills, and experimented to find a proven marketing approach that works for small businesses and freelancers.

It's an approach I have shared with other entrepreneurs over the past few years (as you can see from some of the screenshots of comments on this page), with increasing success.

Finally, after eight years of perfecting my approach I am ready to share it with you! I can't wait to teach you how to build simple, manageable campaigns that will help you reach more of the right people and convert more of them into loyal, happy customers.

Launch your own marketing plan and save money

Marketing might be essential for small business, but it isn't cheap. Here's what it costs to hire an expert to create a marketing plan for you:

Freelance marketing consultants are brilliant and often cheaper than an agency, but you would still be looking at several hundred pounds for a one-off marketing strategy.

Marketing The Easy Way guides you through an easy process to build and launch your own bespoke plan for just £499, or three monthly instalments of £199. And with lifetime access to the resources you can use it year after year, making it brilliant value for money.


Why should I buy a course to learn marketing? Can't I just work it out on my own, for free?

Yes of course you can research how to write a marketing plan yourself - there are hundreds of thousands of blogs and videos out there to read and watch. But that's the problem. Do you have the time to scour all these blogs and watch videos? And how can you trust the advice you're being given works?

We've done the research and applied the strategies so you don't have to, and share what we know works from eight years of successful marketing in our own business - plus many more years of helping large and small companies plan and implement their marketing and campaign strategies.

All you need to do is watch a video lesson every week, and complete simple exercises guided by worksheets... and in eight weeks you'll have a powerful evergreen marketing plan ready to launch.

Marketing The Easy Way will save you time, save you frustration, and save you wasting money on testing marketing approaches that don't work.

When does the course start?

As soon as you join you get instant access to the first module so you can start straight away if you wish. A new module will release each week, and with lifetime access you can work at your own pace.

I'm not in the UK. Can I still join?

Yes - we have people from all over the world join our online courses. When we arrange the Q&A calls we put out a questionnaire to find the best time for everyone, and take into accounts different timezones. In USD the course costs approximately $670 or 3 x  $268.

Why should I do this course now?

The best time to write your marketing plan is yesterday. The second best time is today. Why? Because every day you are not implementing a well-planned marketing strategy is a day your competitors are creeping ahead of you.

Think of it like this, a good ROI (return on investment) for marketing is between 20-50%. Even at the bottom level, this means that for every £1,000 you spend on marketing you can expect to earn an extra £200.

That means that every day that passes, a competitor who HAS planned a marketing strategy has an extra 20% to spend on their marketing. Over time, the compound effect of this means that their brand and sales grow faster than yours - and they take a larger share of the market.

So in one year's time, a competitor who may have started out smaller than you has overtaken you. And in three year's time they can be so far ahead that you are unable to catch them up.

The brutal truth is that you don't have the luxury of waiting to start planning a proper marketing strategy. You need to start today, and ensure that you do't just preserve your existing share of the market, but you grow it and stop more savvy competitors from stealing business that should have been yours for the taking.

How long do I have access to the course?

The course is designed to be completed over eight weeks, to help keep you on track and make sure you complete it and reap the benefits. (Though obviously you can take longer if you need or wish.)

You have lifetime access to the content so you can keep returning to it for a refresher or to check what you are doing is correct in the future.

How much time will it take every week?

As with all our courses, we have designed this to fit into your working week. So we estimate that if you can invest three hours a week in this course, we can show you how to create an evergreen strategy you can roll out for at least the next 12 months. We think that's a pretty smart investment of your time!

And remember that you have lifetime access to the course, so if you need to take longer, that is fine too. If you are busy or something crops up you can take longer than eight weeks to plan your strategy.

I am an arctic explorer/library monitor/beautician – will this work for me?

Yes! We teach you how marketing works and what you need to do to create both an evergreen and campaign strategy. You'll learn skills that will work for any businesses - whether it's your own business or skills you want to use to help others.

How do I know your marketing advice works?

I have worked in advertising and marketing since 1997. I started as an advertising copywriter working for Ogilvy & Mather in Hong Kong, and worked on global campaigns for well-known brands. In my advertising career I won numerous awards for my work and delivered KPI-beating campaigns for clients like The Economist, Playstation and Unilever.

I have honed my marketing skills further on Talented Ladies Club. Since our launch in 2013, I have grown the brand to attract over 100,000 readers a month on our website, and my campaigns have sold hundreds of places on our courses, masterclasses and memberships.

But more importantly, the exact strategy I teach you on this course has enabled me to grow our annual profits by 3,150% in just five years - while now working part time.

I have also helped many small businesses and freelancers plan and implement marketing strategies and campaigns that have launched new products and boosted sales on existing ones.

How long will it take to earn my money back?

Learning how to properly market your business should be an investment that repays you many times over in the weeks, months and years to come. And that's just what this course will do.

Over the next eight weeks you'll learn the psychology and principles of marketing, and we show you how to plan both an evergreen and campaign strategy from scratch - and give you the tools to implement it.

The skills you learn will help you to grow your brand awareness, attract new people to your business and convert them into loyal, repeat customers. You'll exit this course with a completed strategy you can start using straight away - and the ability to confidently create marketing strategies for your own and other businesses in future.

In short, this course is one of the best possible investments you could make in yourself or your business and we fully expect you to be able to more than recoup your investment if you properly use the skills you learn.

How much will it cost to implement my marketing plan?

It doesn't have to cost you a penny to implement your new marketing plan, if you don't have the budget or don't wish to. We teach you how to market using your existing channels - organic social media, your website, your blog and your mailing list.

If you don't have any of these elements, or any branding, you may wish to invest in those. And if you want to grow your list you might decide to pay for advertising. But if you do, you will get better results (and pay less for your ads) with a proper marketing strategy behind them.

I'm not 'techy'. Can I do this?

Yes! I'm not techy either. It's my mission to make marketing simple and easy to understand and use.

If you can read, print, write and watch a video, you can do this course! And if you can use a basic spreadsheet then you can use our tools.

You don't need any prior understanding of marketing, nor awareness of marketing tools to successfully complete this course and reap the benefits of it.

What do people say about Hannah's courses?

"You really are an expert in your field and you communicate your pearls of wisdom so well. It has been inspirational and I am so pleased to have been able to join in this course with you."

Kate Davies, Freelance Interpreter/Trainer/Consultant 

"You are a complete natural when it comes to delivery, and it is really clear you are invested in making sure that everyone on the course is successful. The added bonus material you have added, plus the follow-up call you mentioned today is a great demonstration of how you care about what you do.

Having attended many online events since the pandemic began you have hands down been the best practical trainer I have watched, listened to, and believed in. My only regret is that I didn't attend this time last year, and had spent the various lockdowns being more productive than I actually was..."

Graham Proud, Four Steps Training and Management Consulting 

“This course is one of the best courses I have ever done. Incredible content, an incredible tutor and really easy to follow and do.”

Marie Hall, Empowerment House

This is the only marketing course you will ever need

Join Marketing The Easy Way now and we'll help you launch a bespoke evergreen marketing plan you can use forever - the same strategy that increased our profits by 3,150% - and give you a powerful campaign planning template.

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  • Weekly online modules
  • Our marketing plan templates
  • A proven strategy
  • Two Q&A video calls
  • Lifelong access to all resources

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  • Weekly online modules
  • Our marketing plan templates
  • A proven strategy
  • Two Q&A video calls
  • Lifelong access to all resources

3 x £199 (incl VAT)

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