What are the best types of psychic readings for personal development?

Feeling lost and considering booking a psychic reading to help? Find out the best types of psychic readings for personal development.

Whether you’re newly interested in psychic readings or have been having regular sessions with readers for many years, you may find yourself wondering which type of reading is best if you specifically want to work on personal development.

Psychic readings are inherently intuitive as well as holistic and can, in most cases, always be used as part of an undertaking to work on and develop the self.

However, if 2022 is the year that you’ve decided is the one that’ll be all about working towards your goals, jettisoning any unhelpful habits, and getting started with healthier ones, then keep reading to find out the types of readings you should look for to help with this.

Tarot readings

A tarot reading from a skilled, empathetic reader can be a wonderful and enriching experience that can help the querent to identify areas in their life or ways of thinking that no longer serve them and the actions that can be taken to find a new path.

At the reading or before it, let the reader know that you wish the session to focus on personal development so that the reader can tailor the reading to this end. In terms of what you can expect, the reader will usually start by mixing the deck or ask you to mix the cards yourself while focusing on the question at hand.

The cards will then be laid out in a specific formation, in which each position is assigned to a different area: the effect of the past, for example, and your hopes and fears, and how this bears on the current situation. The reader will then discuss with you the way that each of the cards reflects the circumstances in the querent’s life and how the advice they offer can serve to promote personal growth.

As an example of this, if the High Priestess shows up in a position relating to the career, then this can suggest that the querent knows, instinctively, the answer to some dilemma at work and would do well to practice trusting her own instincts and keeping a still, balanced center.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the tarot, have a look here for information on tarot card meanings: you’ll find interpretations of all the cards that feature in the Major Arcana; you may wish to have a go at meditating with a card that you feel specifically drawn to – this is a great way to get to know the cards and develop your own unique relationship with a deck.

Spiritual coaching

Working with a psychic or spiritual coach is a wonderful way to begin your personal development journey and means that you are supported as you progress on the path to change.

This sort of coaching usually focuses on gradually changing the mindset in order to live a happier, richer life full of abundance.

Participants can expect a course of sessions that can help them to feel empowered, boost confidence, and feel inspired; forgiveness (including self-forgiveness) is usually an important element of coaching, and work will be done to help align your goals with your highest self and set of values, to set you on the path to success.

Most courses can be held either in person or online, and the duration varies depending on the provider. Many people who have participated in spiritual coaching have reported that it’s helped them profoundly and has even been effective in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, freeing them to live their best lives.

Readings incorporating crystals

Crystals can be used for a multitude of healing and other purposes, and some psychic readers incorporate them to help with divination and to assist a querent with their self-development journey.

Typically, crystals can be cast in a reading – this is where a number of specific crystals are selected and then carefully thrown onto a surface to help the reader provide advice to the individual on various aspects of their life or specific circumstances. Crystals are often used in conjunction with tarot cards or as part of a clairvoyant session.

Different crystals are connected with different things: so rose quartz, for example, can be used to help soothe a broken heart, can promote finding healthy love, and nurture friendship bonds. Amethyst is known for helping with sleep and eliminating nightmares, and a carnelian stone can assist us in feeling more self-confident and believing in our own abilities.

After the session, you may wish to seek out your own set of crystals that can help you continue your personal development: for example, if, during the reading, it’s identified that it would be in your interest to optimize your diet and focus on eating nutritious, healthy foods and cutting back on sugar and alcohol, then you could choose a bloodstone, as these crystals are famed for their ability to detoxify.

Program your new crystal by holding it quietly in your hand for a moment, and ask it to help you in the way you wish it to. After this, have the crystal remain close to you: keep it in a pocket or your bag and, when you can, spend some time meditating with it as you continue progressing on your journey.

Photo by Scott Evans