Watch our quick video on goal setting in business

Are you setting goals in business? And if so, are they the RIGHT goals? Watch our quick video to learn about goal setting in business.

Why are goals so important? How often should you set them? What’s the right type of goal to set in business? And how did setting a SMART goal enable us to become successful in the early years?

Watch our quick, four-minute video introduction to setting goals in business to find out.


Love more goal setting tips and resources?

So what do you do once you understand that goals are important to the success of your business?

  • You can learn more about SMART goals and how to set them in this article.
  • This article shares how to unleash the power of a great goal, including advice on Objectives and Key Results (or OKRs).
  • Do you struggle to stick to your goals and resolutions? If so you’ll find four steps to help you in this article.
  • You can also learn how self-sabotage could be preventing you from achieving your goals in this article.
  • Struggle to even get started on a goal? In this article we share five excuses that stop you starting on a big goal (and how to do it).
  • And finally, in this article you can read the secret to reaching your goals (by an Olympic athlete).

If you want to start taking serious action on your business goal, you can download our free one-page business plan here .

Make REAL progress on your goals

And if you are ready to start making REAL progress on your goals, come and join us inside the The TLC Business Club, a 12-month programme that helps you build the foundation of a successful and rewarding business. It’s based on 14 years of experience in running successful businesses ourselves, and seven years of helping others do the same. 

Over our 12 months together you will:

  • Hone your brilliant business idea, and write a mission and plan
  • Set SMART business goals that will increase your likelihood of success
  • Understand how you will make money and plan systems that save you time
  • Fix your pricing so you attract customers and MAKE MONEY
  • Identify your REAL customers and write your marketing plan
  • Master the psychology of sales and devise a strategy that works
  • Develop a strong brand identity, design your website and start SEO
  • Grow your brand and find customers through social media and PR
  • Create evergreen content that nurtures customers through your funnel
  • Build a resilient business mindset to give you the edge over your competitors 

The TLC Business Club will give you everything you need to make smart decisions about your business, and the confidence to implement them, with the support and mentorship of us and your fellow TLC Business Club community. 

In practical terms, here’s how the TLC Business Club works:

  • You work through 12 inspiring self-paced online modules to acquire business knowledge and skills
  • You get essential weekly support with group Q&A calls (we break for school holidays)
  • You get access to the brilliant Group Brain where you can submit questions and search for answers
  • You join a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs on the same exciting journey

The process we guide you through over the year is a combination of practical and emotional support that we know works fantastically well from previous business courses we’ve run, including Kickstart and Double Your Profits. 

Who is the TLC Business Club right for?

The TLC Business Club is perfect for you right now if:

  • You have a business idea but don’t know if it’s any good or how to bring it to life
  • You love the idea of running your own business or going freelance but don’t want to go it alone
  • You feel ready to start a business and would love guidance and support
  • You’ve already launched a business but feel lost and lonely and aren’t getting the results you want
  • You NEED your business to earn money and want to give it the best possible chance of success

Our 2021 cohort of the TLC Business Club launches on 20 September, and you can find out more and secure your place here.