Watch our video interview with Meg Mathews from Meg’s Menopause

Watch our video interview with Meg Mathews, and find out how she managed to reverse her menopausal osteoporosis diagnosis.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Well if you’re a woman then you can add a third certainty to this list: the menopause.

Right now, in the UK alone, it’s estimated that there are 13 million women who are peri or menopausal. And 85% of them will experience some kind of menopause-related symptom.

And yet, until very recently the menopause was the big secret that no-one seemed to want to talk about. Thankfully that has now changed, thanks to people like Meg Mathews.

A few weeks ago I spoke to Meg Mathews on the phone about her book The New Hot. But there’s only so much you can gather for an article from a phone conversation. (Especially when both people on the call have ADHD…!)

Watch my video interview with Meg Mathews

Meg has a wealth of knowledge about the menopause, and is passionate about sharing her own experience, so no other woman has to go through the dark times she did.

So I invited Meg back for another chat, this time on video. I really wanted to share more of Meg’s personal experience of menopause, and some of the things that have helped her through it – and in particular, how she managed to reverse her osteoporosis diagnosis.

You can watch my interview with Meg Mathews here:

In the interview Meg mentions some important menopause resources. These include:

  • Meg’s website Meg’s Menopause, the #1 online women’s health platform.
  • Meg’s book The New Hot.
  • The Marodyne LiV, a new, low intensity vibration training device to help build bone density and strength.

Find out how Meg helped to reverse her menopausal osteoporosis diagnosis

In my interview with Meg, she talks about her experience with osteoporosis.

Nicknamed ‘brittle bone disease’, osteoporosis is a serial killer that affects one in three women. 30% of cases are, like Meg, genetic. And with around 1,100 people dying every month from a broken hip, it is essential that women take the risk of osteoporosis seriously.

It’s too late to start thinking about osteoporosis once you’re older. Osteoporosis is closely related to oestrogen deficiency, which means that you need to be taking good care of your bones your entire life, but especially once you become perimenopausal.

Marodyne is the first medical device manufacturer the Royal Osteoporosis Society has ever partnered with. And in my interview with Meg, she explains how the Marodyne Liv helped her to reverse her osteoporosis diagnosis in just 10 minutes a day.

If you want to learn more about the device just click here. You can also see it in action in this video:

Could you be at risk of osteoporosis? Learn more about the condition on Meg’s Menopause.