The six basics of making Twitter work for your small business

As part of our mission to make Twitter really easy for small businesses, we’ve made a short video sharing the six basics of making Twitter work.

If you want to ensure any time you invest on Twitter (and any other social media platform, for that matter) translates into more exposure, clients or sales for your business, you need a plan.

And to help you work out exactly what you need to think about or do as part of that plan, we’ve made a short, four minute video explaining the six key basics of Twitter.

If you want to learn more, we take you through each of these basics in more detail in Twitter Tune-up, our new, two week online Twitter course.

Over the course of six modules we make it really easy for you to get the hang of Twitter and use it to achieve your business goals (whether that’s more exposure or traffic, more clients or customers, or more sales).

Increase your followers by as much as 60% in two weeks

It’s a system that we know works. We’ve used it ourselves to grow our own followers by 30,000 in three years. And one of our students achieved these results in just two weeks:

“Twitter Tune-up was fantastic! We increased our followers by 60%, retweets by 160% and mentions by 142%. “

If you’d like to learn more about what you get in Twitter Tune-up – including our proven half hour a day strategy, and free Strategy Bonus – take a look here now.