Seven things you can do on Twitter to increase your sales

Ever wonder how you can use social medial to sell? Here are seven things you can do on Twitter to increase your sales. 

Twitter has always been brilliant for us. In our first year, before our SEO really kicked in, it was consistently our best source of web traffic. And since then it’s helped us to fill places on our webinars and sell our courses.

(In fact, we’ve had such amazing results from Twitter than we turned our strategy into a practical Twitter course for small businesses and freelancers called Twitter Tune-up.)

However, we see too many small businesses miss important – and easy – opportunities to make sales on Twitter. So we thought we’d share some insights from research into Twitter as a sales tool.

Seven things you can do on Twitter to increase your sales

In insights shared by Sprout Social last year, they revealed the top brand actions that prompt consumers to purchase on Twitter. And they discovered the top seven things you can do on Twitter to increase your sales. Here they are.

1) Be responsive

48% of people value responsiveness on Twitter. So if a customer (or potential customer) tweets to you, or messages you, make sure you respond. And not in three weeks time. You need to respond with the appropriate reaction and within a reasonable amount of time. If you do, you’ll be rewarded with more sales.

This is why we recommend implementing our half an hour a day Twitter strategy. You don’t need to be on Twitter 24/7 to ensure you’re responsive; instead you need an easy daily routine that enables you to stay on top of Twitter while still having time to run your own business.

2) Offer promotions

Not surprisingly, 46% of people say they’ll buy from brands if you offer the right promotions on Twitter. But what IS the right promotion?

In order to know this, you need to understand not just your customers, but the type of customers who are on Twitter. And you can’t just rock up out of the blue with an offer and expect to be inundated with sales.

You need to warm potential customers up over a period of time with content and engagement that delivers what they need, and builds that all-important know, like and trust factor. This is why a carefully planned Twitter strategy is SO important.

3) Share educational content

42% of Twitter users say that educational content encourages them to buy. This is where the ‘interesting and useful’ approach to tweeting we teach really comes into its own.

When we guide you through planning your Twitter strategy we show you how to build it around content that ticks off the ‘educational’ box for your followers, and helps establish you as a trusted brand they enjoy following and feel confident in buying from.

4) Find interesting visuals

Spending time finding the right visuals to share on Twitter really pays off, with 38% of people saying they’re more likely to buy from you when you do.

And it’s not just visuals. Generally making sure your Twitter feed is colourful (a mix of varied and interesting content) can help not just make you a must-follow account, but encourage people to retweet more of your content, and get you in front of a larger pool of potential buyers.

5) Be funny

Okay, not everyone is a born comedian. But with 36% of people saying that funny content makes them more likely to buy, it’s worth finding ways to be more amusing.

And don’t worry about belly laughs. Light humour works just as well as side-splitting jokes. Try to keep your content on-brand and relevant to your ideal customers. And never risk going off-brand or sharing humour that may miss the mark. There’s nothing more unfunny than an offensive joke.

6) Offer exclusive content

If you want to make your Twitter followers feel special, offer them exclusive content. The chances are 35% of them will thank you with sales.

So what’s exclusive content? It can be news, visuals or links to content that you don’t share anywhere else (at least not yet). Not only does this make your followers feel rewarded, but it’s likely to ensure people look out for your tweets – especially if you’ve planned your strategy cleverly and understand exactly who you’re targeting and what they want.

7) Provide them with behind the scenes content

The more people know, like and trust your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you. In fact, it seems they’ll be 27% more likely to buy from you.

So make sure your Twitter presence isn’t just well-planned and slick; take the time to show off your human side too with behind the scenes content. Indeed, we believe that being ‘human’ on Twitter is such an important part of your strategy that we teach you exactly how to do it on our course.

Turn Twitter into a powerful sales tool for your business

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Photo by Devin Avery