The pros and cons of using a nanny

If you’re looking for childcare you may be weighing up several options, including nurseries, childminders and even nannies.

For many career mums, nannies offer the most flexibility and reassurance as they provide tailored, one-one-one care in your own home. Find out more about the pros and cons of using a nanny to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you and your family.

The pros of using a registered nanny

  • They will usually have a professional childcare qualification.
  • Many will already have experience looking after children.
  • Your child or children will get one-on-one attention.
  • Your child will have the familiarity of their own toys and routine in their own home.
  • Your child’s care and activities will be tailor made to your schedule and wishes.
  • Will be able to offer one-to-one attention to your child.
  • You don’t need to get your child ready in the morning.
  • You don’t need to drop off and pick up your child.
  • If you’re working late your nanny can put your child to bed.
  • Many nannies are happy to babysit at short notice.
  • Your child will be cared for at home if they’re ill.
  • Your nanny will help out with some household chores relating to your children.
  • You pay the same rate however many children you have.
  • You can nanny-share with another family to make it more cost-effective.
  • If you use an agency they will match you with the best nanny for your family, and if it doesn’t work out will find you a replacement.

The cons of using a nanny

  • If your nanny lives out it can be expensive.
  • If your nanny lives in you can lose privacy.
  • As the nanny and your child are at home all day you will have extra costs, such as heating and food.
  • There’s no compulsory registration process for nannies.
  • Nannies aren’t OFSTED registered.
  • You can’t claim any tax credits on the costs of a nanny.
  • You will be your nanny’s employer, with responsibilities including tax, national insurance and holiday pay. 

Where to find a nanny

You can find nanny agencies near you through your local Family Information Service.