The importance of brand storytelling to inspire your audience

Whether you’re a well-known brand or just starting to establish a new business, storytelling plays an important role in making your company successful.

Stories are very powerful. They allow people to connect, and open doors of limitless possibilities through words. Manifested through various forms such as music, art, literature, and verbal communication, stories are commonly created to inspire, inform, or entertain.

They can also be used powerfully in business through brand storytelling.

How brand storytelling works

Brand storytelling is very essential in establishing relationships between brands and consumers. Imagine that it’s your first day in college and you’ve been asked by your professor to introduce yourself in front of the class. In a room full of unfamiliar faces, you should set yourself apart from others by establishing your identity, and for you to achieve that, you must be able to create a strong impression.

That is how brands use storytelling in their businesses. To put it simply, brand storytelling is when businesses use narratives (based on true events) by drawing facts and familiar emotions together to create a deep connection among their audience. This enables consumers to understand these company’s values, their goals, and the reason why the company exists in the first place.

With thousands of brands competing in the industry, having a unique and compelling story would set you apart from other companies. When done right, good storytelling can impact consumers and turn them into loyal customers in the long run.

Why storytelling is vital in your business

As we live in a world where companies are becoming more and more creative in advertising their brands, and being visible in the market is already a challenge. Today, people see ads almost anywhere every day – through social media, billboards, magazines, TV commercials, and even on shows (through product placements).

But as people go through hundreds of these advertisements on a daily basis, how sure are you that your brand leaves a lasting impression on them? Brand storytelling goes beyond marketing and advertising by establishing your brand’s image and fostering an emotional connection among customers. Introducing your business’ core values, history, and mission and vision could help your consumers understand and trust your brand for a much longer time than putting your faith in advertising alone.

Storytelling creates a strong bond

Establishing a long-lasting relationship between your brand and your consumers starts with making a good impression. Analyzing how you can turn facts into an inspiring brand story is very challenging, but you can try looking for ways to make your story relatable to everyone.

For example, instead of sharing what your company does, focus more on letting the audience know why your company does it. This way, you will be able to show people why your company matters, and why is it worth investing in and building a relationship with.

Having a compelling narrative can make you stand out among other brands, and make it easier for you to build organic relationships with your consumers. Be smart enough in representing your brands in events by focusing more on your company’s values, its driving force, as well as its future goals.

Gaining customer trust

As influencer marketing continues to gain popularity in boosting brand reputation, gaining trust from consumers has become a little easier. Through storytelling, people can easily persuade and get persuaded by others to try out products and services.

Testimonials and positive user reviews are just some of the many examples of storytelling’s influence in gaining consumer trust. A recent survey indicates that 93% of consumers rely on online reviews in making their purchase decisions. Incorporating good storytelling to promote your brand would not just increase your sales, but would leave a positive reputation and trust among your customers.

Narratives that bring about change

Brand storytelling isn’t just about increasing a business’ profitability. It is a way of humanizing unique brands through unique and inspiring stories. Behind every successful business lie personal narratives that add purposeful meaning to what these brands do.

For example, more and more local and international brands are now promoting cruelty-free products, allowing consumers to make ethical choices in consuming products. Another example would be the emergence of green businesses using their initiative of saving the planet as their brand purpose.

As these businesses sell sustainable products, their purpose educates, as well as encourages people to practice living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

As great stories inspire brands to initiate change, great brand storytelling, on the other hand, can drive people to take action.

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