Four of the top ways to promote your brand

Starting a business is a significant undertaking that requires time, money, and hard work. Here are four of the top ways to promote your brand.

Whatever sector your business is in, marketing should be a top priority, because without a steady stream of customers you won’t have a business very long! Creating powerful advertising strategies that will promote your brand and connect with your audience will help you to increase sales revenue and maximize your return on investment.

Fortunately, there are dozens of affordable ways to build visibility and grow your business. Here are five of the top ways to promote your brand. 

1) Build brand awareness on social media 

Social media is one of the most valuable marketing tools in modern business. You can use social media platforms to expand your market reach and build brand awareness online. Social media can also help you connect with your intended audience and develop lasting relationships with your customers.

Use social platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote your products and services, but avoid coming across as too ‘salesy.’ Your top priority should be to create meaningful customer relationships on social media.

According to advice on Sprout Social, you can build relationships by posting informative and entertaining content, responding to customers quickly, and personalizing conversations instead of sending an automated response. Adopting these habits will help you connect with your audience, build a large following online, and grow visibility around your brand and products. 

2) Invest in paid advertisements 

Social media offers an affordable way to promote your brand and products. That said, it can take a long time to build a large following online, especially if your business is new. Investing in paid advertisements can be an excellent way for startups to gain exposure and grow their brand image.

Paid advertisements target a specific audience and typically give much faster results. A survey by found that “paid Google ads can boost brand awareness by 80%.” Another advantage of using paid advertisements is that they can be tailored to suit every size budget. They also deliver measurable results, which means you can monitor paid campaigns and invest in the most profitable ads. 

3) Partner with a branding company

Partnering with a professional branding company can be a great way for businesses to increase brand awareness and improve sales revenue. A quality branding agency will get to know your company and work with you to create powerful branding assets that will connect with your customers and build your reputation.

Outsourcing your branding and marketing will mean that you can focus on other core elements of your business that will drive growth and profits. 

4) Build a responsive website 

Finally, your website is your most valuable marketing tool. Consumers will search for your company website online and they will expect you to have a high-quality site that is responsive and easy to navigate. It is worth hiring a web development company to build a quality website for your brand.

A professional web developer will ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and optimized to improve brand exposure, increase organic traffic, and boost conversions and sales. Test the functionality of your site regularly to make sure that it is working efficiently.