Successful females in gaming

While gaming has traditionally been dominated by men, there are plenty of successful female competitors taking advantage of the increasing popularity of esports and competitive gaming.

Some of the most popular players are women, and this reflects a recent shift seen across the gaming sphere as women make up nearly half of the population of self-declared ‘gamers’.

Many games studios are looking into the appeal of their products to the female gaming market and trying to cater to this growing market. Some studies have shown that the motivation to play tends to differ between men and women, so games that appeal to women’s more social and creative needs could thrive in a market that is expanding rapidly.

Various gaming titles are popular amongst females, including online casino games, adventure games, RPG’s and platform and puzzle games. 

With so many women mastering games of all genres and showcasing their skills online, they are becoming better represented in the world of esports and online gaming. In this article we look at 11 of the best-known female gamers.

1) Tiffany Garcia

Known by her online handle iHasCupquake, Tiffany Garcia’s YouTube channel has a massive audience, built up over more than a decade of video game streaming. She has amassed more than two billion views altogether, many of which have been from streaming Minecraft, but she is also known for her World of Warcraft and League of Legends gaming.

2) Lia

With more than 30 million subscribers, SSSniperWolf earned a following for playing Overwatch, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, and Fortnite with her account. Since making a name for herself with her gaming skills, she now creates videos purely for entertainment, becoming an even bigger name within gaming circles and other online communities.

3) Sasha Hostym

Her online persona as Scarlett has made her famous, and this gaming Canadian was one of the highest-paid professional female gamers in 2022 with a total earnings of around two hundred thousand dollars. She is known for her skill at playing Starcraft II and fans of the game are impressed by her skill and strategic expertise.

4) Christine Chi

Fans of the hugely popular first-person shooter Counterstrike: Global Offensive will know Christine Chi as one of the top players in the world. Known as Potter in the game, she has come top in several professional tournaments and has been a regular on the gaming scene for more than ten years, building a following who appreciate her talent and playing style.

5) Suzzane Berhow

As a former model, Suzzane Berhow, better known simply as Suzy online, straddles two completely different spheres when it comes to her areas of influence. She is not only a great all-rounder when it comes to gaming, playing a wide selection of games to an impressively high standard, but she is also incredibly well-respected in the worlds of fashion and makeup tutorials.

6) Christy Sminty

When it comes to first-person shooters, PUBG (previously known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is one of the most popular in the world, and Christy Sminty is well renowned for her expertise and achievements within the game. Smintee, as she is better known within the game, has played in a number of competitive tournaments and when China hosted the first all-female PUBG tournament, she was there to represent.

7) Kristen Michaela

Under her online name KittyPlays, Kristen is one of Canada’s most impressive gamers and she has been recognised as one of the top hundred players in the country. She has her3 own show and regularly interviews other gamers and celebrities that are into gaming, not to mention challenging them to game with her.

8) Stephanie Harvey

In-game, Stephanie Harvey is known just as missharvey and she is still famous for her role as one of the leading players in Counterstrike: Global Offensive and became one of the biggest female gamers in the world. She has now retired from the world of professional gaming in order to focus on her role as a games developer.

9) Alyona Bordukova

As one of the top Counterstrike: Global Offensive players in Russia, Ailey has earned a reputation as an exciting player to watch and the number of fans tuning in to see her play is on the increase. She has competed in several CS: GO tournaments and came first overall in the 2018 CS: GO female contest.

10) Janet Rose

Another Canadian gamer, xchocobars is known for her prowess when it comes to Fortnite. Her team, known as the Rift Raiders, participated in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Series in 2018 and they took second place overall, while she is personally in the top hundred Canadian gamers.

11) Alyona Kuvaeva

Although she may be best known in her home country of Russia, Candy is making a name for herself on the global gaming stage as she competes at the highest level in CS: GO.

Women are taking the world of gaming by storm and earning more and more places in large-scale international competitions.