Stretch your brain cells and biceps with these online classes

The first few days of social distancing may have seemed a bit like a holiday; no commute to work, the ability to work in pajamas, diving into the fridge whenever you felt peckish and endless hours of Netflix.

However, as the days rolled on and our waistbands expanded, it became increasingly clear that social isolation is far from time spent on the beach, even if we change our Zoom background.

The COVID-19 pandemic has continued to grip the planet, and for all intents and purposes, this year is looking to be similar to the last. This year, consider pledging to learn a new skill every month.

We aren’t talking about earning a degree, though that is certainly a possibility, but rather taking a class that brings you joy, or makes you sweat, or will help you become a more well-rounded person. We have included a list of our top choices to get you connected with the outside world and enjoy learning a new skill.

Cooking classes

Homemade artisan bread and sourdough are just so 2020. This year, you need to up your game and go international. Airbnb Experiences have a number of online classes with hosts and teachers from around the world. Don’t rush to Costco when you have a craving for Japanese gyoza; connect directly with Tokyo and take a class with Kei. It’s a steal at only $15.

Staying at home doesn’t need to be boring, nor do online classes. Treat yourself to an end-of-the-day gin and tonic with a mixologist in England and learn something in the process. Samuel will keep you mixing up cocktails like a pro and you’ll be encouraged to drink everything you make.

For those in for an even wilder ride, there’s a set of Portuguese drag queens that have already taught over five thousand people their secret Sangria recipe.

Exercise classes

The cooking, the cocktails, and the ever-present access to the fridge means it’s time to work up a sweat. However, to get away from a third GOT marathon, our workout routine had better be fun. Sydney Miller has 50 minute classes that use everyday household products like cans of baked beans to make you seriously sweat.

If you’d rather dance like no one is watching, book in a home session with 305fitness. You’ll have such a blast that you’ll forget it’s supposed to be a workout.

Lifesaving classes

The pandemic has shown the value of being able to help others. Lifesaver education can include basic first aid certification or pediatric CPR. Whereas more in-depth courses are available for healthcare professionals. You can get the same course completion card as in-person classes and add an essential skill to your CV.

It can be a struggle to get yourself out of the everyday funk and boredom of being at home. We hope that by giving you a few ideas, you can now get online and learn a new weird, wacky, or wonderful skill.

Photo by Anna Shvets