Six reasons why you should enrol your child in international schools

Are you looking for an international school for your child? Selecting the right school is essential, as you will be investing a lot of money to educate them. 

International education with English as the language of instruction continues to gain popularity among both local communities and expatriates.

Many parents believe an international education can lead to their child’s successful career. Based on an ISC Research report, there will be almost seven million students enrolled in international schools by 2023.

What features of international schools should you consider?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right multinational school for your child.

According to American International College, anyone who has finished any accredited high school can enroll at an internal college. Here are some features to look for in a global school:

  • Quality of learning – Many international schools offer innovative programs and teaching methods to foster out-of-the-box thinking skills in their students. If you want your child to pursue his/her studies in American universities, look for an international school offering a U.S. curriculum.
  • Age-appropriate facilities – Choose a school with amenities fit for your kid. The school environment should inspire your child to study. It should also make him/her feel comfortable and safe.
  • Educational resources – Visit the school’s library to see whether it has sufficient educational materials to help your child become a self-empowered student.
  • Balanced educational programs – A balanced curriculum allows your youngster to try out various disciplines and identify his/her passion.
  • Experienced faculty – Look for a school with diverse and knowledgeable teachers to teach a range of values and lived experiences to your learner.
  • Educational networks – Choose a school with global networks to allow your child to connect with international peers.
  • Local community collaboration – Partnership with local communities provides opportunities for service work. Choose a school with local business and organizational partners to provide apprenticeship opportunities to your child.
  • Reputation – Research the school’s performance history and look for the quality of its graduates. Look for a school with longevity and proven academic excellence. 

The six biggest benefits of international education

International schools can provide many benefits to your child. They allow your learner to develop a holistic perspective. Here are six of the biggest advantages of enrolling your child in international schools:

  1. Immersing your child in new cultures, which will enable him/her to learn how to collaborate with individuals with diverse personalities and backgrounds.
  2. Allows your young adult to achieve emotional maturity through his/her appreciation of different cultures and new found independence.
  3. Teaches your child to become independent by overcoming the daily challenges they confront at school like language barriers.
  4. It provides better extracurricular opportunities for your kid to discover and develop new skills. These activities enhance your student’s emotional behavior, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.
  5. Improves your child’s self-confidence when searching for career opportunities due to his/her exposure to different languages and cultures.
  6. Offers more career opportunities to your child as more employers favor applicants with experience in working with other cultures.

The right education equips your child with sufficient knowledge and abilities to pursue a successful career in life. By enrolling your child in a reputable international school, you are a step ahead in their future.

Photo by Ben Mullins