Six ways you can deal with college stress

Being a college student can be both challenging and fun, but it can also be very stressful.

Here are six ideas for dealing with college stress so that you’ll have time for more of the fun. They’ll also stand you in good stead in the years to come after you leave collage and pursue your career.

1) Manage yourself

When it comes to college, it doesn’t matter if you’re going for a masters in architecture or to a vocational school to learn a trade, you need to practice good time management if you want to be able to have the time to enjoy more of what life can offer.

With great time management you can complete your assignments, study for exams, and have time to see friends, party and relax.

2) Control your environment

Regardless (again) of whether you’re focused on getting a vocational education or a college degree, there’s only so much you can do with. the time you have.

If you fill that time with the wrong people and things, you’ll not have any time left for the right ones. So don’t waste your energy on people and activities that don’t fill you with energy, joy and positivity. Choose what and who get your attention and time.

3) Be good to yourself

Whether you’re in an elite medical school or in one of the many community colleges, you need to acknowledge the good you’re doing. You’re working hard to improve your knowledge – and learn skills you’ll take out into the world.

So make sure you take care of yourself. Respect your physical and mental health, and keep your goals and ambitions in sight.

4) Nurture yourself

Leisure or recreational activities and pets can bring comfort when you’re studying away from home.

When you do those things that bring you joy or spend quality time with your furry friends, you’re essentially rebuilding your spirit. Nurturing the spirit is a fantastic way to reduce your stress levels, so take the time each day to do things that nurture you.

5) Exercise

Exercise helps to keep your mind and body strong and healthy and keeps your energy levels high. Exercising also helps to release endorphins. These have been shown to help improve your mood – which makes this a terrific way to relieve stress. So get your body moving regularly.

6) Enjoy yourself

Finally, you need to enjoy yourself. Yes, vocational school, community college, and the standard four-year college experiences can require hard work and sacrifices, but you can still have a bit of fun while you’re working for your future.

Photo by Element5 Digital