Six apps that will help you run your small business

Love to save time and work smarter? Here are six apps that will help you run your small business.

What can’t technology do? You can improve your sleep using smart beds and pillows, make use of the Internet of Things to sync devices throughout your home, and turn on the lights with simply the sound of your voice.

It seems as though technology has blended into our daily lives almost seamlessly at this point, which can be a little terrifying to think of at times, but how are you applying it to your professional life?

There are valid reasons disconnect and embrace a “No Screen Time” policy at home, however, you should take advantage of every technical resource possible when it comes to running your small business. Entrepreneurs have a million and one things to do on their to-do list at any given moment, which makes it critical to save time wherever and however possible.

Whether you work off a computer, tablet, or phone, there is guaranteed to be some sort of app that can make your workflow easier or more efficient. Here’s our list of the top six business apps that will undoubtedly improve operations at your startup.

1) FirstAgenda

FirstAgenda helps small business owners host smarter meetings by optimizing every single step of the meeting process. You’ll enjoy digital meeting preparation, automated note-taking that captures every detail, and a personalized dashboard that displays your information is one, easily-accessible location.

By merging AI with business tasks, this app enables you to collaborate, assign tasks, add due dates, and more.

2) Nutshell

Nutshell is one of the best CRM apps on the market today. You need Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to stay on top of your customer base and retain their business, but that can be easier said than done when you’re running a small business on your own.

Nutshell saves you time by pulling info from your Gmail conversations so you don’t have to copy your contacts manually. The app then shows you what needs your attention that day so you can focus on what matters most. Plus, it’ll even display extra information next to your contacts, like the current weather and time in their location.

3) Zuant

Zuant is a lead capture app that you can use while generating leads and converting them into customers. One standout feature of this app is that it works even while you’re offline, thus enabling you to capture leads on-the-go.

Zuant has a live reporting tool that allows business owners to closely monitor and follow up with leads, giving you better control over the buyer’s journey. Added bonus: you don’t need to download any software, so you can access information wherever and whenever you want.

4) Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is great for small business owners who need to be able to book jobs and schedule services without being glued to their phone the entire day. Rather than paying a salary to a secretary, save money and take advantage of this all-in-one software platform that can do it for you.

The best proposal apps should do more than just generate quotes for line item services; they should help you expand your business every way possible. HCP lets you book jobs online even while you sleep, allowing you to grow faster and with less effort.

5) Basecamp

Basecamp shows aspiring entrepreneurs that quitting your day job and starting a company is good for you. It takes all those growing pains and fundamental problems that all growing businesses run into and solves them.

The platform keeps track of schedules and tasks, condenses documents and file storage, simplifies the sharing process, and fosters communication with real-time group chat and check-in questions. Rather than using a communication app like Slack, Basecamp stitches the functionality together in one place.

6) Dropbox

Dropbox provides cloud storage to business owners who need a secure way to store their data. If you were to store information on a computer alone, you risk taking up too much space and, as a result, hindering its processing power.

Not only does external data storage keep your computer performing at its best, but it also allows you to access your files remotely for when you need to work on-the-go.

What can you automate in your business?

There are so many benefits provided by digital automation, and if you’re not tapping into your available resources, then you could be wasting time you’re not even aware of. So overcome your technophobia and hop on board the technology train!

Photo by Rob Hampson