Simple marketing tactics for more engagement

Your marketing mix is a juggling act. You need to find the right balance or it will fall apart quickly. Here are some simple tactics to grow your engagement.

While keeping an eye on your competitors and staying present on all of your platforms is important, generating engagement will stop your business will falling behind, however, it’s often considered the most difficult part. 

From email to social media, native advertising and even in person, your content represents your brand. Get creative and stay on top of your campaigns by the following tactics:

Experiment with videos

Whether it’s in your shop window, spread across social media or sent to your customer’s inbox; video marketing delivers engagement. 

Marketing reports show that short, one-minute videos are quick and easy ways to hold customer’s attention. These little snippets linger in the mind and lock in the first stage of the customer journey for that investment at a later date. 

Taking on video marketing is not as easy as it first seems. For a video to be effective, it must be of good quality, interesting, and to the point to be successful. If you don’t have someone on your marketing team who can create this kind of content, don’t hesitate to hire someone to do it for you. It will be worth the investment. 

Make it personal

A great brand speaks to each and every customer in a unique way. 

Getting personal taps into the nurturing element of your marketing campaign. From the time that you send your weekly newsletter to signing off with your own name instead of your company name; every move counts. 

To get personal with your marketing, you have to look into the tiny details of your marketing mix and how they speak to your audience. By monitoring, tailoring, and speaking to your customers regularly, you’ll find the personal tweaks that you need to make to capture their attention. 

By subtly incorporating this data into your mix, they will retaliate with the same level of engagement they have received across all platforms. 

Stay up-to-date

Your customers and your market are constantly in motion. Most importantly, marketing trends, and the technology that surrounds them, are constantly changing. When ignored, there is a chance that your marketing efforts could fall flat, and with it, your engagement will go down. 

Encourage everyone in your team to keep up to date, exchange and experiment with marketing and technology trends, and get creative with how you interpret them. 

From new platform features to tweaks to your look and feel; every trend is a chance to boost engagement. By reviewing and making adjustments regularly, your business will always look and feel fresh to your customers. 

With every engagement, you have one more chance for conversion. By experimenting with video marketing, personalising your marketing mix, and staying up to date with marketing trends and the latest platform features, you will constantly be producing fresh content that speaks, and engages your customer base.

Photo by Georgia de Lotz