How can businesses benefit from online research community platforms?

As we move in a digital world where consumer behavior has changed enormously, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that no business can do without an online research community platform.

The ability to access the community of potential buyers immediately and conduct surveys to assess the usability of potential future products and services has been made easier than ever before. 

If you are still in doubt, here are three ways businesses can benefit from online research community platforms.

1) Access to customers 

As more businesses are becoming digitized, they compete to get access to a wider target audience and access more potential customers. Online research communities offer businesses in-depth access to their potential customers’ opinions, thoughts, perspectives, and feelings. 

Despite the availability of different software, such as CRM, businesses can gain so much more from an online research community platform. Since the potential customers are part of an online community, they provide businesses and companies with the perfect platform to conduct quick research and gain quick results. 

Typically, the best online research community platform also incorporates additional useful tools, such as a Discussion thread and an Ideation forum that allows companies better insight into what is going on in the minds of potential customers. 

2) Better collaboration and improved engagement

The changing business landscape is relying on technology and digital devices more than before. This aspect indicates that businesses can no more rely on educated guesses related to customer behavior. The online research community platform incorporates different tools, such as the module of Idea Board and the Discussion thread.

Both of these tools allow potential clients to communicate and engage with one another. While the online community allows for a higher level of engagement, it also allows community members to engage and express their honest opinions about the product(s) and services. 

That said, the online research community platform promotes organic conversation as well as organic discovery. The Discussion tool allows companies and businesses to gain ideas, insights, and even questions and answers that the companies never dared to ask their customers on their own. 

3) The integration of social media platforms

Since the pandemic hit the globe, we have seen a massive increase in the number of social media users. The widespread adoption of social media platforms is amongst the top reasons that more businesses are integrating online research community platforms than ever before. 

If you look at the different social media platforms and the underlying purpose that they share, you will see that people feel natural to turn to social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, to express their feelings and opinions with the world. 

They turn to social media as they feel heard on different platforms. Other, like-minded people can also connect with them and provide their perspectives on similar interests. The adoption of social media platforms has assisted online research communities in “blending in” easily and comfortably, as people already like being part of a community.

People are now used to being active participants in polls, discussion threads, posing ideas, topics, and their honest opinions about issues, products, and services. That said, online communities are already seen as something positive, and hence an online research community platform partakes in a positive experience for the potential customers and the respective companies.

Online research community platforms are perfect tools for today’s digital era

Online research community platforms are perfect tools for today’s digital era. Members of the community can log in, participate in quick tolls, take surveys, and be active participants of real-time groups by using their smartphones.

Community platforms with advanced tools can also encourage members to post ideas and flag each other’s ideas up or down without the organization’s involvement. 

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe