Should you get a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts?

While Massachusetts allows for the recreational use of marijuana, that does not mean that medical marijuana is not an option too.

In fact, it can offer some useful benefits for people who genuinely need cannabis products for medical reasons – as long as you have the card to prove it.

But why would you apply for a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts when you can already buy recreational cannabis at the exact same dispensaries? There are a few core reasons why applying for a card can be worthwhile. Visit OH Medical Cards to learn more.

Medical marijuana is cheaper

Medical cannabis products are not subject to the same high tax amounts that recreational cannabis is. This can make them a lot cheaper overall, especially if you are buying regularly – which somebody who has a medical need for the stuff will be.

Not only does this make medical marijuana a more cost-effective choice, but it also ensures that it is available to people who may have lower earnings due to medical issues.

Medical marijuana is more convenient

Having a medical marijuana card makes it easier to purchase from cannabis dispensaries. While you are still purchasing in the exact same way, having the card provides a shorthand way of quickly getting the medical cannabis you need without having to go through any more complex checks or regulations that might apply when you purchase cannabis for recreational use.

Medical marijuana is always available

Medical marijuana is naturally meant to be used when you have a debilitating condition, which means that you usually need it to keep yourself comfortable. The state guarantees availability for medical users, meaning that there should always be a supply of it reserved for medical use, even if the stock available to recreational users has run out.

Medical marijuana is better protected

Recreational marijuana is legal in Massachusetts but with some restrictions surrounding it. Medical marijuana is still restricted, but those rules are more relaxed – for example, you can begin using it at the age of 18 or higher instead of 21 or higher. You also get better legal protections, meaning that your cannabis use will not be as much of a problem if you happen to get caught up in some other legal issues.

Applying for a medical marijuana card is easy

Getting a medical marijuana card is simple and can even be done online through a range of application sites such as NuggMD. As long as you can prove that you are a Massachusetts resident over the age of 18 and have a diagnosis that proves your need for medical marijuana, applying is as simple as filling out a few forms and waiting for your card to be issued.

This makes these cards incredibly easy to get, with only a small fee attached to each yearly-renewed card. This fee can often be cheaper than the added tax that sticking with recreational use would be, and having the card also does not stop you from purchasing recreational marijuana if you are still within the relevant legal limits.

As long as you have a legitimate need for medical cannabis, getting a medical marijuana card is a good idea that could save you a significant amount of money and time. The only downside is the short wait for the card to arrive, which could be as little as a single day after submitting your details.