Relaxing in opulence – the world’s most progressive luxury travel

Americans, cooped up in the country by the impact of the pandemic and travel bans, are now prepared to spend like never before.

CNBC has highlighted the risks of potential overspending by both individuals and families in 2022, yet, there’s obviously a little more to go around – and more to be spent on luxury travel and inspirato pass. In the modern age, luxury travel doesn’t necessarily mean the pure opulence of the past, however. Instead, the high-price, big ticket adventures and experiences that typify the modern vacation are, by the measure, quite progressive. That starts in the jungle.

Adventures in the jungle

The frontier of progressive luxury holidaying is, arguably, in the jungle. Across the world, eco-tourism hotspots are creating experiences that are absolutely luxurious in their nature, yet don’t create a huge amount of waste in the process of providing that experience. In Costa Rica, you can enjoy jungle hotels that give a real spiritual grounding while providing a luxury experience.

Think glamorous camping, world class spa treatments, yet all of this married with the knowledge that waste is being kept to a minimum along with the risk of causing excessive carbon emissions by your presence. According to the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo, the central American nation has positioned itself as a place to connect with life’s essential values – that can be done in the surroundings of a truly luxurious place.

Getting a deal

American luxury tourism is big business for countries around the world. According to Bloomberg, providers the world over are anxiously providing deals to travelers in order to snag that interest and get ahead of the wave – way ahead of time.

What’s also apparent, however, is how progressive luxury tourism fits into that. Some of the most cutting-edge hotels in the world are inherently eco-focused – QQ Amsterdam, 1 Hotels and Proximity, NC, all tick that box, according to HospitalityNet. Previously inaccessible bookings are doing that little bit better, and you can feel good about it in the process.

Staying at home

One way to ensure a progressive and eco-friendly trip is to stay domestically. This enables you to see a clear record of items such as worker rights and supply chain ethics; it also enables you to reduce your carbon footprint and have a good look at where waste is going to occur during your trip.

While America as a whole is hardly the most eco-friendly and progressive tourist market, there are gems to be unearthed. The Luxury Travel Report recommends Amangiri, Utah; Setai, Miami Beach; and Brush Creek Ranch, Wyoming. All have an increasingly progressive profile and eco-friendly standing, and will provide a luxury experience without compromising on the ethics involved with their operation.

A luxury holiday does not have to be a wasteful one. As Americans start streaming towards the shores and parks for their time away from the stresses of daily life, look at the progressive options. They are there, if you want to do a little research.