Five of the top luxury activity holidays for adventurous women

Adventure travel for women can be a very liberating experience as it allows you to be yourself and do the things you love the most. Here are five of the top luxury activity holidays for adventurous women.

Getting outdoors is a great way to disconnect from the daily stresses of life and appreciate the beauty of nature even more. 

But adventure travel does not necessarily mean living off the grid and escaping to far-flung places. You can still go on adventures while enjoying a bit of comfort and luxury. From attending yoga retreats in Ibiza to skiing the French Alps and staying in an eco-cabin in Scotland, these luxury activity holidays for adventurous women are very empowering, liberating, and downright exhilarating!

1) Ibiza 

The best way to enjoy an adventure-filed holiday in Ibiza is to indulge in some water sports activities. Whether you’re travelling solo or with a group of friends, riding a Jetski is a great activity to try. Enjoy an adrenaline-filled ride over the crystal-clear waters and admire the stunning views of the sun-drenched coastline from afar. Experience gliding along the Balearic waters on a stand-up paddleboard.

This exciting activity can be challenging for first-timers, but it can make for a great body workout. If you are brave enough to soar through the air from the water, try flyboarding. Don’t worry- it is not as challenging as it looks. All you need are self-confidence and the ability to balance yourself!

Ibiza may be famous for its beautiful beaches and incredible nightlife scene, but the island is also home to some of the world’s most luxurious yoga retreats.

Nestled away from the loud party strip of the island are idyllic hotels and spas offering restorative wellness and yoga retreats. Atzaro’s Yoga Retreat, located in the heart of Ibiza, emphasises respecting the natural habitat while travelling. Offering yoga retreats and Pilates, as well as gym facilities and healthy foods for the soul, going for a yoga retreat in Atzaro is the perfect way to cap off your holiday to Ibiza.

2) Botswana 

Dominated by the sprawling Kalahari Desert, Botswana is a spectacular wilderness home to abundant wildlife. The best way to experience this Southern African country is to go on a luxury safari. Home to large numbers of elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes, buffalos, zebras, and other savanna animals, your luxury safari in Botswana never disappoints.

During your adventure, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the Okavango Delta, a vast inland river delta known for its grassy plains that have become a habitat for animals. Travel through the vast desert on a quad bike and be on the lookout for the pride of black-maned lions!

After a whole day spent exploring the wild, head back to your lodge to relax in comfort. Fitted with luxurious amenities, including spa services, massages, and Jacuzzi, these luxury lodges will make your safari adventure in Botswana even more memorable. There are also luxury camps with elevated decks that open to the stunning views of the desert. Wake up to a sumptuous breakfast and enjoy your meals surrounded by the gorgeous views of the vast wilderness.

3) French Alps 

France has become the go-to destination for luxury ski holidays in Europe, and it’s easy to see why. Home to an abundance of luxurious ski chalets and exclusive resorts combined with excellent ski opportunities and outstanding ski facilities, you’ll have plenty of options for your luxury ski holiday to the French Alps.

Of course, there’s so much more to do in the French Alps than just skiing. Go trekking and conquer Mont Blanc, one of the tallest mountains in Europe. If you want something more exciting, go paragliding. As you soar over the French Alps, you’ll enjoy 360-views of the Chamonix Valley, something that you won’t otherwise see when you ski. But if you find trekking and mountaineering too extreme, then go hiking instead.

There are several hiking routes through the French Alps ideal for hikers of all levels. And after a day of adventure-filled activities, treat yourself to sumptuous French cuisines at some of the Michelin star mountain restaurants.

4) Abu Dhabi 

Nowadays, women have been dominating those segments traditionally linked to men, such as car racing. If you’re among those adventurous women who love the fast lane, why don’t you go on a luxury driving holiday to Abu Dhabi and witness the prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix? Go on a long weekend break to the Middle East and attend the world’s greatest car racers competing in the glamorous surroundings of Abu Dhabi’s magnificent Yas Marina Circuit.

After the race, get behind the wheel of a supercharged car and experience how it feels spinning around the track. Channel your inner F1 star and test your driving skills with the iconic Aston Martin GT4. Aim for top speeds at 406m acceleration or simply sit on the passenger seat and buckle up as you take an exhilarating ride!

The most convenient way to attend the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is to book an all-inclusive Abu Dhabi F1 ticket & travel package. These packages include return flights, hotel accommodations, and tickets to the race, with an option to customize it depending on your preferences.

5) Scotland 

Scotland’s dramatic landscapes make it a perfect destination for a scenic hike. When hiking through Scotland, there’s a lot to choose from. But if you want to do it in luxury, style, and ultimate comfort, consider staying in a glamorous eco-cabin in the middle of the woods. These eco-friendly lodges are the perfect places to find solace after climbing up the steep winding path as you summit the Highlands.

One of the most luxurious eco-lodges in Scotland is The Knoydart in Inverie. This beautiful lodge can accommodate up to ten guests, ideal if you’re travelling with groups of friends. Aside from being eco-friendly, guests are treated to organic meals made from a local garden that grows seasonal veggies.

The Colliabus in Islay is another luxurious eco-stay to book for your Scottish hiking holiday. Built by the Argyll craftsmen and features dry stone walls banked into the hillside overlooking the Glenastle Lochs, sleeping at this gorgeous lodge is the perfect way to end your hiking holiday.

Photo by Damien ROCHETTE