Read our top 10 stories on starting a blog

Want to start a blog but overwhelmed by everything you need to learn and do? Read our top 10 stories on starting a blog and get practical advice you can implement now.

Since we launched just over two years ago, we’ve shared hundreds of brilliant articles packed with helpful advice. And to help you find them, every Sunday we’re sharing our top articles on a particular topic.

Our top 10 stories on starting a blog

Last week, we picked our top 10 stories on starting a business. This week it’s the turn of blogs. So here they are – our top 10 stories on starting a blog!

1) The six ingredients for launching a successful blog

These days, just about anyone can set up a blog in no time at all – all you really need is an idea, an internet connection and a laptop.

But as easy as that may sound, as you’ve probably guessed there’s a lot more to it than that! In this article by blogger Emily McLaren we share six ingredients you need to launch a successful blog.

2) Starting a blog from scratch

Since we launched Talented Ladies Club, we’ve interviewed many mums who earn a living from writing a blog. Usually, by the time we speak to them, they’re already a success. But they all started somewhere.

To help inspire you to follow in their footsteps, we decided to get the inside track on someone right at the start of their blog journey. And you can read the first instalment of mum fashion blogger Karen’s Skaglerind’s story in this article.

3) The beginner’s guide to growing your blog traffic

So, you’ve started a blog. Now what? How do you expand your audience outside your mum and a handful of loyal friends?

In this article we reveal the secrets to growing your blog traffic – from getting into good writing habits, making the most of social media and guest blogging.

4) Your 30-second guide to building a blog audience

Want a quick guide to growing your blog audience for free? In this article we share eight actions you can take to grow your traffic without paying out.

5) How to turn a beautiful blog into a business

Unless you’re happy to keep your blog as an enjoyable hobby, at some point your blog will need to make money.

In this first of three articles, creativity and business coach Clare Greig takes you through the steps of starting a blog you love that gives you an income.

6) Why you don’t need to be interesting to write a great blog

Think you need to be naturally fascinating or funny to be a successful blogger? Wrong! In this article, we reveal how we learned to be interesting, and explain a simple strategy to help you write a great blog, week after week.

7) How to write a blog people will want to read

Once you understand how to write an interesting blog, you need to know how to structure it to encourage people to read it.

In this helpful article we reveal the secrets of picking the right topic for your blogs, how to write an engaging blog title, how to start a blog post, and how to keep people reading.

8) How we learned to build our audience for free

When we first launched Talented Ladies Club, we knew nothing about building a blog audience. And in the beginning we inevitably made a few mistakes – some of them rather expensive!

In this article we share the mistakes we made to help you avoid them, and explain how we eventually learned how to build our blog traffic for free – with practical tips you can use immediately.

9) 10 things you should never do when starting a blog

Tania Sullivan is the founder of Larger Family Life, the UK’s biggest online resource for larger families. Over the years, she’s experienced a few ups and downs – and seen several other blogs come and go.

In this article she shares the lessons she’s learned, to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when starting a blog.

10) How to master SEO copy for your blog

If you want your blog to be found by Google it’s important you understand the basics of writing SEO copy. This article explains what SEO copy is, how it works and shows you how to use them when writing your blog.