Your 30-second guide to building a blog audience for free

We’ve already shared our experiences with paid advertising, and how we eventually learned how to build an audience for free. Now we’ve compiled a quick, 30-second guide to our best tips.

So if you’re looking for ways to promote your website or blog on a budget, and are keen to learn how you can reach thousands of people every month for free, you should find some great tips in our guide.

Learn how to build a blog audience for free in 30 seconds

To rapidly grow your blog audience without paying a penny for advertising, follow these eight steps:

  1. Get on Twitter – read up on best practice and take the time and effort to build a good engaged following.
  2. Engage on Facebook – find pages your audience like and start commenting on and liking their updates.
  3. Tweak your updates – play with format, times and wording to see what gets the best response.
  4. Own your fans – move followers and fans off social media platforms and onto your site or mailing list.
  5. Understand SEO – make sure you use your keywords in your copy, but keep it readable.
  6. Reach out to other bloggers – ask if you can swap blog posts to reach each other’s audience and get links.
  7. Comment on blogs – find popular blogs in your niche and write interesting comments to get noticed.
  8. Analyse your traffic – learn what types of blog posts and headlines are most popular and where your readers come from, and do more of what works.

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