Photographing your style: A guide to the perfect engagement photos

Each couple who has been embedded in the journey to marriage wants to commemorate this joyous time in some unique way.

Many modern couples choose to capture their happiness with a photo shoot celebrating their engagement. The question for couples becomes where to find the right setting and the best photographer to capture their essence as a couple.

Let’s look closer at each of these important aspects to consider to ensure that your engagement photos capture this special moment in your love story. 

Know your style

The first thing you need to determine is your style as a couple. Are you more of a classical romantic or an adventurous soul? Maybe both? This will be a big factor in your style and photographer choice.

Some photographers are masterful artists who can create images seemingly out of dreams, while others are technical experts and create raw, pure moments. Spend some time browsing through portfolios online to get a feel for what resonates with you both.

Experience matters

Experience is not the only thing that matters when vetting potential photographers, but it does make a difference. Photography is all about experience. Master photographers know what to expect and can advise you on the best places, times, and angles for great shots.

Experienced photographers are more likely to deliver better-quality images, better technical skills, and artistic creativity. Don’t hesitate to ask potential photographers about their experience and training, particularly with engagement shoots.


You will spend a lot of time with your photographer, so it’s wise to find someone with whom you feel a kinship and connection and who clearly understands your vision. A strong personality makes a huge difference in the outcome of your photos.

If you are relaxed and trusting during your shoot, it will likely come through in your photos. Make arrangements for a meeting or a video call before deciding on your final candidate to ensure there is the right rapport.

Portfolio and style consistency

The easiest way to find an engagement photographer in NYC, LA, or anywhere else is to review each candidate’s professional portfolio. Those with a natural gift will present a varied array of styles and technical prowess, and the quality of the photos will be evident. You may also find a photographer with a unique vision that matches your style.

Read reviews

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to find reviews and testimonials from previous clients. These could give insight into each photographer’s working style, reliability, post-procession style, and delivery turnaround times. If past clients were pleased with your photographer, it usually is evident in the customers’ reviews. 

Flexibility and creativity

Life is unpredictable, and so is the weather. You will want a photographer who can roll with the punches and turn unexpected challenges into creative opportunities. Whether it’s a downpour or a last-minute change of location, the photographer will always find a way to capture a beautiful moment. 

Budget considerations

As tempting as spending too much on your engagement photos may be, consider the long-term budget you are working with. You should discuss prices with each of your potential photographers and ask about their package details so you have all the information before committing to a contract.

Some wedding picture packages offered by photographers include an engagement session. This could be an excellent way to get comfortable in front of the camera and save money for your big day.

Capture this special moment in your lives

Your engagement photos are more than just pictures; they are timeless keepsakes that capture love and excitement at a special moment in your lives. You can choose a photographer based on style, experience, personality, review, or budget and find the best match for you. The right photographer will understand your story as a couple and can translate it into photos that you‘ll cherish forever.