Our top 10 stories on social media

Over the past two years, social media has been brilliant for us. It’s enabled us to grow our brand, make connections with some amazing people (some of whom have become real life friends and valued business contacts) and attract tens of thousands of monthly readers to our site.

Over the same period we’ve shared some of our own expertise on social media, and that of the experts who write for us on our site. To help you discover it, we’ve dug up 10 of our top stories on social media.

Our top 10 stories on social media

Need advice on social media? You’ll find plenty of practical tips in our top 10 stories and video.

1) Four easy mistakes to avoid on social media

For many businesses, social media is just another box to tick in a long list of sales and marketing tasks. But without the right investment of time and (possibly) money, it’s in danger of being an expensive mistake.

In this article you can read four of the most common mistakes businesses make on social media, and some tips on how to avoid them.

2) Are you throwing away business on social media?

Few freelancers or businesses today can afford to ignore social media. Used well, it’s a great chance to promote your services and brand, and attract new customers. But use it badly, and you could just be wasting your time – and throwing away business.

To help you ensure that your social media efforts are not in vain, in this article freelance social media manager and trainer Ginny Carter reveals five ways you may be throwing business away on social media sites – and how to stop doing it!

3) How to get amazing results from your Facebook page

Starting a Facebook page is pretty high on the to-do list for most new businesses today. But what do you do with a page once you start it? And how can you ensure you’re getting the most out of it?

If you’re struggling to find a strategy that works, don’t worry. In this article, inbound marketing expert Don Seckler shares six quick tips to help you get amazing results from your business Facebook page.

4) Four secret tactics to increase your Twitter followers

Used properly, Twitter is a fantastic tool for businesses and freelancers of all industries and sizes. But it’s easy to make simple but costly mistakes.

In this short video we reveal four tactics that will help you to rapidly increase your followers and your engagement on Twitter – in just a few minutes every day.

5) The advanced guide to selling on Pinterest

If you’re selling anything online, mastering Pinterest should be high up on your list of priorities. The site is going from strength to strength, especially in the retail sector, and many online retailers have also found that traffic from Pinterest is particularly lucrative.

To help you make the most of the opportunities Pinterest offers, read this advanced guide to selling on Pinterest by marketing expert Emilia Rice.

6) Your beginner’s guide to using Twitter for business

For many small businesses (and even some larger ones!) Twitter can seem a confusing place. What exactly should you be tweeting? And when… to who? How do you find followers? And how to people find you to follow you? And exactly how do you make sense of a busy, loud, fast-moving timeline?!

To help you get your head around Twitter, read our beginner’s guide to using it for business.

7) Three tactics to boost your sales with Facebook ads retargeting

Are you struggling to sell your products or services online? Do you keep reading about how great Facebook ads are, but can’t get them to work for you?

In this article, marketing expert Emilia Rice explains how you can get your marketing campaign to work smarter, for less, simply by using Facebook ads retargeting.

8) The four stages of mastering Twitter

It takes time, patience and support to develop competence and confidence on Twitter. To help you identify just how far you’ve progressed and get tips on how to give your social media skills a boost, certified coach and professional organiser Juliet Landau-Pope shares the four stages of mastering Twitter in this article. Which one are you on?

9) 10 common social media mistakes

Social media is a brilliant opportunity to promote your business and services and raise your brand profile for free. But if you’re not social media savvy, you risk making silly mistakes that could waste the effort and time you invest in your posts, updates and tweets.

To help make sure your social media presence – and the time you devote to it – is working as hard as it can for you, we look at the 10 most common mistakes, and tell you how you can easily avoid them in this article.

10) Nine tips for growing your business on Twitter

If you’re struggling to know where to start with Twitter, or have set up an account but have no clue how to get involved in conversations and feel like you’re just watching from the sidelines, you’re not alone.

In this article Karen Attwood from Nine Media shares her top nine tips to help you grow your business on Twitter.