Mompreneurs: Here are 16 simple ways to make your office look more professional

For many mompreneurs, their office is their home away from home. So you want to make sure it’s somewhere you enjoy being, and that works for your business.

Your office should also let people who work in it with you or visit you, including suppliers and clients, know what kind of personality you and your business have. So take the time to choose the right decor and accessories for your office. Here are 16 simple ways to make your office look more professional.

1) Have a meeting area

However large or small the size of your office, it’s important to have a designated area for visitors if you regularly have them. You want to make them feel comfortable, and not get distracted by piles of paperwork and office clutter. Clearing used coffee cups and files off a desk for a meeting doesn’t make you look professional or give the best impression, either!

If your office is big enough, place a coffee table and cosy chairs. If it’s smaller, keep chairs across your desk and ensure nothing obstructs you, for example, a computer, file tray, and pen holder. It’s also a good idea to keep your desk tidy in case of surprise visits.

2) Install storage units

Storage units with shelves and drawers help you maintain a neat office and potentially give it some style and professionalism. Storage units also enable you to eliminate the clutter that causes disorganization and loss of vital office documents or materials.

Use your side desk drawer to keep away items you don’t need on the desk; stash user guides, pen caps, and the funny coffee mugs. Place your shelf where you can easily access it while maintaining your space’s functionality and arranging books neatly.

3) Hide cables

Messy cables are distracting; when you have computer cables dangling behind your desk, they make your office look unprofessional. They also run the risk of getting destroyed or creating a tripping hazard if they’re on the floor. Keep them safe and out of sight through and under your desk’s gourmet. You can also use cable clips and ties to attach them to surfaces, keep them neat and organized.

4) Furnish your office

As well as installing storage units, furnish your office with thought and care. Nothing spells class and professionalism more than having stylish and functional furniture. It’s also important to ensure it;’s comfortable for you,. you staff and visitors.

With the right furniture, such as comfortable lounges and an office desk and chair, you eliminate unnecessary movement, keeping you focused and productive. However, ensure that all furniture you bring in maintains your office’s functionality.

5) Make sure you have sufficient lighting

Lighting is essential in every office; studies prove that poor lighting reduces your morale and productivity at work and potentially causes eye strain. Although nothing beats natural lighting, sometimes you’re not lucky to have it. You may lack a window or have one that doesn’t allow in enough natural light.

You don’t have to rely on the fluorescent bulbs only. In fact, it’s a good idea to swap them with LED lights to save on energy if you can. Make your office look chic with desk lamps that are mobile and provide a good light source as you work on your monitor or documents. Invest in light and neutral office colours to boost lighting, but avoid splashing extremely bright ones as they could distract you.

6) Remove hand-written notes

Hand-written notes comes in handy, especially at home when you need to stick a reminder for you, your kids, or your husband on the fridge or calendar. However, in the office, they are unprofessional and less polished.

Remove the small notes stuck on your desk, broken coffee machine, drawers, and shelves. Instead of hand-written signage, print out or set a reminder, fill in your cloud calendar, or write down your to-do list in a notebook.

7) Bring in nature

The chances are you’ll spend many hours a week in your office, so it needs to be a pleasant, inviting environment. Bringing in nature in the form of plants can freshen up your office and make it look vibrant. Place them strategically in areas where natural light streams in, like next to a window.

If you want to keep live plants, look for those that thrive indoors as they require less light and air. Choose elegant vases for your plants, and be sure to change them regularly. However, if you don’t have time to tend to live plants, you can always keep fake ones. If your office provides you with a beautiful view of nature, don’t hesitate to open your curtains and windows.

8) Maintain cleanliness

Keeping your office clean is important if you want to look professional. So if you can’t keep up with it yourself (or don’t want to) hire an office cleaner to do it for you.

Cleaning doesn’t always mean getting water and a mop to clean your office; you can vacuum, sweep, and tidy it up. Otherwise, if you skimp on minor cleaning routines for long, you’ll be forced to do it when you get a knock on your door and have to start de-cluttering to seem professional.

9) Organize your filing system

Being a mompreneur means you have to deal with a lot of paperwork every day. And if you don’t regularly stay on top of it, you can soon end up with a cluttered office and missing documents. Or worse – important files ending up in the wrong hands.

No one wants to spend hours a week hunting for documents, or having to explain to a client why they are missing. So find an organizational system that works for you and stick to it. You’ll have a tidy office, save time and reduce your stress levels!

10) Display your creativity or something personal

When someone visits you in your office they’ll form opinions about your business and you based on what they see. So give them clues by giving your space a personal touch. You’ll be able to convey your personality and make it more comfortable and pleasant for you.

Get picture frames for your family photos. You can hang them on the wall or place smaller ones on your desk so that your loved ones are always near you. You can also display your creativity in the form of art or things that you favour, like a car model or a historical icon. If you have a vision board or goals for your business, by all means, display them on your walls as a reminder.

11) Start using ID cards

If you have staff members in your office, you may want to think about introducing employee identification cards and have one for yourself, too. ID cards can make you look professional as well as boost security in the workplace. Anyone who visits your office can quickly identify you, making it easy to approach anyone with an ID when in need of assistance.

12) Use labels

Labelling your office makes it easy for visitors find the people they need more quickly, without the embarrassment of asking around. You can place your label on your door and on your desk where everyone can see it. Include your title and name on it and ensure it’s bold enough for readability. This way, visitors know how to find your office and address you correctly.

13) Display healthy snacks

To save yourself and your team getting the mid-afternoon agency slump, have a bowl of fruits, nuts, bottled water, or snack bars for a healthy energy boost. Displaying a colourful set of snacks in your office makes it more enticing and inviting; it also encourages your team to eat healthily to increase their productivity.

14) Invest in technology

Technology is essential to every business’ efficiency and success, and it also makes you look professional and impressive. However, don’t invest in just any old technology, research the best products for your needs, to help you and your employees work more efficiently.

15) Invest in your reception

The reception is the first area that everyone who visits your office sees, and helps to form a first and lasting impression. It also tells visitors what to expect from your business, especially with its outlook and the service they receive.

Furnish your reception with decor that looks professional and inviting and ensure your receptionist is well trained. Additionally, clearly state your brand’s vision and mission and have your logo where it is visible.

16) Show off your awards

You have worked hard to get to where you are as a mompreneur. So don’t be shy about showing off your achievements, especially awards your has won. They’ll let anyone who sees them know you are one of the best at what you do.

Starting a business and getting it on its feet is an outstanding achievement, and you should take pride in it. Your business is your legacy, and you should ensure you protect it and grow its success. Make your office look more professional and make it a more pleasant place to be by keeping it clean, using the right lighting, and decorating it with your awards. Make sure you get the right office chair too, and try to bring in nature, and invest in advanced technology.

Photo by Shridhar Gupta