Seven things to look for before buying an office chair

A chair may be a simple piece of furniture, but when it comes to buying a chair you might spend up to eight hours a day in, five days a week, it’s important to choose wisely.

When choosing an office chair to buy, there are a surprising number of features and options to consider. And that’s before you start to consider aesthetics! Furniture designers spend a lot of time considering ergonomics, usability and wear, among other considerations.

And if you’re going to spend several hours a day in a chair, you need to make sure you choose the right one. tThe right office chair should be able to provide you a comfortable sitting experience – firm enough but not too firm. There is also a lot of pressure on your buttocks and thighs while sitting, the right office chair should be able to provide you a comfortable sitting experience. It should also support your back properly.

To help you find the perfect office chair, here are seven things you need to consider.

1) The chair type

Depending on your office and budget, there are many, many type of office chair to choose from. The most frequently sought out is a 24 hour office chair that has an ergonomically sound back and thickly padded seat. You can work for hours (though hopefully not 24 hours straight!) in comfort in these types of chair.

Other common office chair types are chairs for receptions, standing desks, and counters. Executive office chairs are strong chairs with ample padding, which is usually covered with leather. You get all-around support as they have armrests and a padded headrest.

Mesh office chairs are also an excellent option if you’re on a budget but still need a comfortable chair. Mostly used by people working on the computer, mesh chairs are light, durable and easy to move around in, which is handly if you are swivelling between tasks.

You can also choose from low-profile chairs like operators chairs, and simple fabric chairs which have basic padding at the bottom and back. These chairs also feature a swivel and casters. For office places for short periods, people usually go with meeting chairs, visitor chairs, or a writing tablet chair. You can visit Chair Wiser to read reviews of different types of chairs.

2) Material and durability

Choosing the right chair material is almost as important as its style. There’s not point finding the perfect firmness/softness only to sit on a prickly, cheap material that irritates your skin. Or buy the perfect chair, only for the material to wear out within months. Popular office chair materials are leather, mesh, fabric, and vinyl.

Don’t neglect the padding underneath the top fabric, either. A well-cushioned leather chair will often provide the best comfort and is considered the most durable option. Faux leather is its good alternative if want to avoid the use of animal skin on your chair. Then there are mesh chairs that are not particularly known for their comfort, but their material ensures breathability. 

Fabric and vinyl material chairs are comfortable but aren’t generally good for breathability or durability. When it comes to the structure, steel is the most robust.

3) Mid-back or high-back?

Both mid and high-backed chairs are suitable for different working hours. Mid-back chairs that have back support up to the shoulders level are ideal for four to five hours of seated work. They are capable of providing ample support to your lower back, and you often get a vast range of color and style options with mid-back chairs.

High-back chairs come with a headrest and other important features of office chairs like good lumbar support, tilt, and soft padding, making them perfect for longer working days. People with back problems and who are recommended to sit in a correct posture, find this chair a better option.

4) Seat height and adjustability

The perfect height for an office chair will vary from person to person. But when you buy identical chairs for office space, the height adjustability in the chairs is a must. This way each person can adjust their chair to the right height for their desk and height.

To sit comfortably, your feet must be able to rest their feet on the ground properly and your thighs should be at the level of hips. Sitting for extended hours can be troubling for your back and thighs if you don’t adjust your chair to the proper height.

5) Comfortability and armrest

You are already familiar with materials and chair types that will provide sufficient comfort for your working hours. The other aspect to look in a chair for their comfortability is additional supports. The footrest and headrest play a key role in the comfortability of a chair. The tilting of the chair can also bring some ease to your back and shoulders during office hours.

An armrest in office chairs is also a must-have. Even if you work at your desk all day, there will be times when you’ll need to read your arms on them. While reading and typing many people use the armrest to rest their elbows. You can also consider chairs with adjustable armrests.

6) Lumbar Support

Many working professionals regularly complain about the back pain they get after sitting for long hours. This pain is usually focused in the lower back. Office chairs with lumbar support are healthy for your lower back and spine as you are able to rest your back properly on them. A chair with good lumbar support can help you sit in good posture all day.

7) Casters, swivel and mobility

A chair’s mobility of the chairs is not just for leisure, but is essential for productivity and well. Offices that have large desks must give workers the option to move their chair around freely on casters. And jobs that require a lot of team coordination need chairs that are able to swivel to turn in any direction quickly.

Some chairs also have the option to lock the chairs in a firm position so that you can do focus-intensive work. If you are going to use the mobility feature of a chair a lot, always ensure that you are buying a durable product, as the casters and swivel can break easily on more flimsy models. 


A good chair with comfy features keeps the work going in the office smoothly. No matter the chair types, different brands sell them with different modifications, and you might miss some features if not checked. We hope this office chair buying guide helps you in choosing a good companion for your office hours.