Looking for shopping ideas? Here’s the 2017 TLC Christmas gift guide

Stuck for Christmas present inspiration? We’ve got ideas for the whole family in the 2017 TLC Christmas gift guide

It’s that time of year. Time to try and work out what to buy your grumpy 14 year old (who doesn’t appear to have any interests outside of their phone). Or your partner – the person who buys themselves everything they want, leaving you with zero inspiration.

Time to try and cram even more tasks and lists into an already-bursting-at-the-seams life.

Yes it’s Christmas shopping time! But this year we’re here to help. Nerissa Buckell from Crimson Tiger has very kindly compiled a list of ideas to help make the task easier (especially as they’re all online – so feel free to do your shopping with a glass of wine in hand)!

And these aren’t any old ideas. They’re products all created or sold by mothers running their own businesses. (We put a call out in our free business Facebook group – if you’d like to join the group just click here.)

Tidy Emu – list pad

Before you even start with the present buying you will need to get your Christmas organised this year with one of Tidy Emu’s special list pads. These pads make list making so much more manageable with coloured divided blocks. Not just for Christmas, these pads are great for all project planning. Shop now (from £5.60)

Mums Back – Liquid Hamper

So you have a new mum in your family that you have to buy for. You don’t want to buy her something for the baby, nor clothes that will just end up decorated with the nose rubs that babies love to do, nothing else for it, seriously, she will be needing this hamper full of the alcohol she had to avoid while pregnant and with options to Christmas bling the hamper. You never know she might share! Shop now for £66

Love Print Unique – silver pendant

Give grandma something so precious she will hand over that diamond pendant that she normally wears to you as she will be wanting to wear this far more. Her grandchild’s finger print on a silver pendant. Shop now for £41 

Mosas – skincare range

Are you struggling to get through the stresses and strains of running your business while juggling a busy Christmas and eyeing up that Mums Back Liquid Hamper you have wrapped ready to gift?

Time to make sure you find something you want under the tree. Personalised goodies to give you radiant skin, made from natural ingredients that sound good enough to eat! Mosas will create your skincare range from your chosen essential oils and bases. Shop now (from £5)

British Babies dribble bibs

You know you really want to cuddle your cute new born that is visiting but serious, all that dribble that goes down their top and then on to your just purchased Christmas outfit is a real put off. Gift them these adorable hedgehog dribble bibs that are British made and 100% organic cotton, if you are feeling generous you could go for the matching baby grow. Shop now (from £8)

Hedge and Hog Prints pencil set

Ay up me duck, hoo’s ya fettle? Got to love the quirky dialects of England and this set of six pencils celebrate different regional phrases for how are you, this would make your child’s teacher smile when marking the homework. Shop now for £12.95 

Write My Name – personalised work book

So you have sorted out the dribbling baby for Christmas but what about the pre-schooler sibling that is coming? Keep them occupied and tantrum free with their own personalised work book that wipes clean to learn how to write their own name. Shop now for £24.99

The Useful Shop – root candle

The neighbours have been so good about returning the footballs that have been kicked over the fence and pretending not to hear the above legal noise levels emanating from your home they need a reward. A relaxing Root candle to calm their nerves would be perfect for them. Shop now for £13.25

Ditzy Dottie – flamingo tote bag

She has poured you wine when you have been feeling down, she has listened to your rant about your family and knows you love them with all your heart even if they do drive you round the bend, your best mate needs a treat under the tree for putting up with you. Bring some colour to her shopping or trips to the beach with this extending flamingo tote bag. Shop now for £25

Apples and Pips – your child’s drawing wallet insert

It is so easy to forget Dad in all the gift giving, get him something that he will remind him why his wallet is usually empty by having their child’s drawing engraved onto a sterling silver wallet insert, you can even have a special message engraved on the back as well. Shop now for £24.95

Mini Xplorers – clothing designs

Time to get the school aged children to work and designing their own clothing. The kit includes a long sleeve top, six fabric pens, and a practice sheet. There are different designs for them to colour in from superheroes to unicorns, it’s just a shame they don’t have them in adult sizes just ages 2-10! Shop now for £15

Leila Nabih – your child’s story illustrated in a book

Have you written a story? Perhaps made up some fantastic bedtime adventures that it would be lovely to have them illustrated in a book. Leila will create the illustrations and provide you with a physical copy of your story. You must just have to keep this one gift for your family. Price on application

Mapp of London – handmade leather camera bag

The photographer in the family, usually found behind the lens standing on a chair at Christmas get togethers to get the unusual angle for candid shots, often is gifted with more camera equipment for Christmas. But how about a handmade leather camera bag to store it in? A perfect indulgent gift in a choice of four colours. Shop now for £95 

Happy Little Bundles – activity pack

So often Christmas is the time that families actually spend time together what better way to celebrate this than with a family gift of an activity pack. You can choose to have a monthly subscription or purchase just one activity pack. In the pack you will receive something for the family to spend time together either making or doing. £19.99 for one month 

Simply Devine Things – placemats

Give your mum some dining table colour with these placemats, choose from sheet music to Emma Bridgewater’s hearts design. No more complaining that you have left her dining table marked after lunch! Shop now for £26.95

Mummy and the Bear  – baby leggings

If mum is an active wear fan she will be green with envy with these handmade in the UK leggings for the baby. Stretchy waistband, bright prints, this will give any sweaty betty a run for the leggings! Shop now for £12.99

Ruby Moon – reversible, ethically made swimming costume

We now have all the athletic female members of the family envious over the babies leggings but they will soon be cheered by an ethically made, reversible, yes, reversible, swimming costume. That will save space in any travel lovers suitcase. From £20.30

Votre Bell Masion – Chewbacca wash bag

You can smell his teen odour from ten paces so time to be unsubtle with his very own Chewbacca wash bag, appropriate seeing his communication skills are on par with Chewbacca’s. Shop now for  £14.99

Jennifer Anne – petite fashion

Every Christmas you hear from your aunt how hard it is to buy clothes for her petite frame, shops just don’t hold the range that they used to. Time to treat her to a gift card to buy something suitable from Jennifer Anne’s petite collection. From £50

Courage Queen – aluminium bangles

Remember those teenage years where, as a young girl you questioned everything about yourself, confidence was at a low and the world terrified you? A hand stamped aluminium bangle with ‘I can handle it’ could be the perfect gift for the teenage girl on your to buy list, to remind her that she is far more capable that she recognises. Shop now for £15.00

East London Baby Company – teething necklace

We solved the dribbling baby issue but no one wants to be sitting round the Christmas table with the cries of a teething baby in pain. Not only a great accessory for mum’s outfit but also safe for a teething baby to chew on and is dishwasher safe! Shop now for £16.95

Crimson Tiger – personalised chopping board

We have managed to sort everyone except Grandad! Crimson Tiger will take your child’s drawing and create a chopping board, perfect for when Grandad needs to chop his lemons for his G&T. They will even pop the best friends ex-husband’s photo on a chopping board for her to take her frustrations out when prepping the Christmas veg! Shop now for  £11.50

Shop ’til you DON’T drop

See? Doesn’t that make Christmas shopping much easier? Plus you’ll have that wonderful feeing of knowing you’ve extended a bit of Christmas spirit to independent retailers – and mums to boot!

So if you have’t already started on the mulled wine, go and treat yourself to a glass. You’ve earned it!

Nerissa Buckell owns and runs online gifts, homewares and accessories website Crimson Tiger – the perfect online Christmas shopping destination!