“It’s time and money well spent!” What Sophie Morris from Quietosophy said about Double Your Profits

When Sophie Morris joined Double Your Profits she was a coach who helped overwhelmed executives deal with stress and build resilience.

By the time she’d finished the 12-week transformational online programme she had a brilliant new brand – Quietosophy – and a far more honed direction: to help quiet professionals become free from stress and overwhelm and learn to use their voice on their own terms.

Sophie was really clear about exactly what she wanted to do, and for whom, and was excited to build her business around her new clarity of direction. She even developed her own unique process to guide clients through: The QUIET System.

It was a privilege to watch Sophie blossom, and gain in confidence and direction, and I personally love her new brand and work. I recently asked Sophie how she found the experience of Double Your Profits, and how she thinks it helped her. This is what she told me.

What made you decide that you wanted help with your business?

I think, particularly with lockdown, it got to the point where I had fewer customers. I also had time to think and realised that what I was doing wasn’t working. 

While I wasn’t specifically looking for a course or looking for something to do, there was a timely email about a webinar. I watched that and then spoke to Hannah and it really clarified to me that I did need help, and that Double Your Profits could be the answer to what it was that I needed to take my business on to the next level.

Did you have any reservations about joining?

It was quite a lot of money to spend at a time when I wasn’t earning huge amounts. It was also an unknown, and there’s always that worry whenever you try something new and wonder whether it’s going to be the right thing for you. But I did feel pretty confident before I started that it was going to cover what I needed to know.

And how was your experience of the course?

I thought it was great. I really enjoyed the content mix. It was different each week – some weeks we watched a webinar and did exercises, and other weeks there was more reading and worksheets. 

I thought our weekly calls were really helpful, too. I liked the fact that they weren’t completely prescribed, so we didn’t necessarily talk about exactly what we’d covered on the course that week, but could talk about anything in our business we needed help with. I liked that it was so tailored towards our needs. 

Did anything not go as you expected?

There were definitely some weeks that I found easier than others. I found the mindset content easier because I’ve done a lot of that before. It was really helpful to go over it, but it came much more naturally to me. 

I found some of the systems and finance work more challenging, but they were still really good to do. There was a good balance between some weeks being more straightforward and others being a bit more complicated. It always felt manageable and at a comfortable pace, and you are supported throughout. 

What helped you the most?

Clarity and confidence were the two biggest things I got out of it. The clarity of what it is I want to do, and focus of how I’m going to help the people that I’m going to help. That was really, really helpful.

Also the underlying confidence that actually I can do this. When you’re in business it’s easy to feel like you’ve to be everywhere, and that’s really overwhelming. But actually the course broke all of that down and made it feel manageable and do-able. That was really helpful. 

Where would you think you might have been now had you not done it?

Looking back to that time, I did feel really dejected and disheartened and not sure of what I was going to do. I wasn’t specifically looking for a course when I found Double Your Profits; it was kind of serendipity – really good timing. I like to think I would have found something to help me take my business forward though. 

Who do you think it would be, it’s good for the course?

I think it would be really good for other business owners who are either new to business, don’t have a business background, or have been working on their business for a long time and don’t feel that they’re getting the results that they deserve. 

People who are putting in lots of work but maybe it’s not focused on the right areas, or they’re not sure what it is that they need to be doing to take their business to the next level.

And who do you think shouldn’t join?

I think you’ve got to be flexible. You’ve got to be prepared to challenge what you previously thought about stuff, and you’ve got to be happy to put the work in. There’s no point doing the course if you’re not going to really go for it, because it will limit what you’ll get out of it.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about joining?

I would recommend they have a chat with Hannah and see if there are any questions that they’ve got or any reservations, and I am sure Hannah would answer those for them. And if it’s right for them, I think we should definitely do it. It’s time and money well spent.

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