How to turn a beautiful blog into a profitable business – part one

One of the questions we’re asked most often is how to turn a blog into a business. And over the next three weeks, we’re going to show you how to do just that – in three easy steps.

Or rather, business and creativity coach Clare Greig is! Clare will be sharing her expertise in helping mums get in touch with their passions and turning them into a profitable business – while spending quality time with their family.

In this first week, she explains how you can take the first step towards starting a blog you love, one that you’ll get great pleasure from and that will give you an income.

How to turn a beautiful blog into a profitable business

Are you tempted to start your own beautiful blog? If so, you are not alone. So many women create beautiful, heart warming, passion-fuelled blogs when they are at home with babies and small kids. And as their kids grow and time allows, it’s also common for women to turn this passion into a profitable business.

Why are the baby days such a great time to be creative? The early days of mumahood can be a time to reflect and reassess what our true passions are. Many women, including myself, feel more intuitive and creative during those early baby days.

The days are slow, simple and babies and toddlers force us to let go of control and slip into a more conscious state. Long hours of feeding, mundane tasks and our kids’ lack of ‘time awareness’ can allow us to tap into our more intuitive mind.

But how do you turn that lovely creative state (and the resulting blog) into a profitable business that will sustain you and your family? That’s just what I’m going to show you over the next three weeks in three easy steps.

Step one – getting started

This week I will be talking about how to dig deep, ask yourself some big questions so you can create an engaging blog that people can’t wait to read!

Tap into your passion and creativity

First up – before you buy a domain or think about the technical stuff, I want you to do some deep digging and big picture thinking. Consider what really lights you up in life. Where do your passions lie? What topic can you talk about ALL DAY that lights you up and fills you with excitement?

Once you’ve identified a subject you love, it’s time to start planting the seeds of an engaging blog – by reading, writing and talking.

Start reading

This is where the fun begins – taking your passion and immersing yourself in it. And we start by reading all about it. So invest in a few brilliant books (or borrow them from your local library) and indulge in some lovely reading time.

You can do this while feeding your babies or even just half an hour in bed before you go to sleep. Get on a learning curve and soak up information.

Here are some good starter books to read:

Start writing

Once you’ve immersed yourself in your passion, the next step is to start writing all about it. So treat yourself to a beautiful notebook and pen and get into the flow of writing.

Write for 30 minutes a day about anything that comes into your head. And I mean anything. Don’t worry if it seems like rubbish to you – you can always rip it up and burn it afterwards if you like.

The brilliant part of this process is that there is no pressure to write amazing ‘publish-worthy’ content. It’s just getting you clear on what your passion is, helping your creativity flow and clarifying your vision for the blog.

Start talking

Or alternatively, if you’re a better talker than writer, start talking about it instead. Just sit in front of a camera and talk for 30 minutes a day – easy! Again, you can always delete the videos after you have watched them if you want to.

You will learn so much about yourself through this process.

Be patient and experience the shift

If you dedicate yourself to this practice then you will experience a shift – a clarity in your passion and what you could be blogging about.

But be patient. This process could take up to three months or longer. Don’t be tempted to try and skip it – it’s an important process to go through so your foundations are perfectly aligned. It will help you develop themes, understand what and why you can blog about, and get you living and breathing your passion – all of which will help you to build an interesting, engaging and sustainable blog.

If your passion is defined, then everything will fall into place easily. Your readers will love your passion, you will create a tribe and then your products and services will pretty much create themselves. So get started – and enjoy the process!

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