How to successfully freelance on the road

Want to work AND travel? Find out how you can successfully freelance while on the road.

With soaring rent and mortgage costs and an increase in remote working popularity, many people are deciding to live their life on the road. They can travel the country, enjoy new sights, and make a living doing work online from wherever they set up camp. 

As freeing as freelancing on the road can be, it can also be fraught with challenges if you’re not prepared. You might be able to enjoy more success if you prepare yourself in the following ways.

Invest in a reliable power supply

There are no guarantees that you’ll be able to hook up to a power supply when you need it the most. You might have an emergency meeting you didn’t expect or a last-minute job you need to start while you’re in an isolated location. In that case, having a portable power station or another power source can be crucial. 

A portable power station can be one of the most practical purchases for traveling freelancers. You can charge them via a wall outlet when you get the chance or even pair them with solar panels and charge them in as little as 2.5 hours. Not only can you use these power stations to power your mobile devices, but you can also use them for kitchen appliances and other essentials needed while living the nomad lifestyle

Purchase a portable Wi-Fi modem

Having the ability to charge your mobile devices solves one problem, but internet connectivity is another hurdle you’ll need to combat. Purchase a portable Wi-Fi modem, and you won’t need to worry about staying close to businesses offering free Wi-Fi. 

A portable Wi-Fi modem is a small, compact unit that works with a SIM card, which you pre-load with money to pay for internet connectivity. Having a modem means you can venture off the beaten track without worrying about connectivity limiting your abilities to meet your work deadlines

Create a work space

Living in a van or RV means having less space than living in an apartment or home. Space might be restricted, but having a dedicated area for your work essentials is important. Even if you only have a storage box for your stationery and laptop tucked away beside your bed, you know everything you need is in one easy-to-reach location.

When you need to stop exploring and start working, you can pull out your essentials and get to work quickly. Of equal importance is a comfortable seat or working position. Whether you sit full-time on a cushion or alternate between standing and sitting, prioritize your comfort and ergonomics. 

Set a routine

Many freelancers give up the stability of a full-time job and a home to live and work on the road to enjoy a better work-life balance. Set a work routine to maximize your time enjoying the various destinations you visit. 

Many nomad freelancers work early in the morning and late at night to free up the middle of the day for exploring and traveling. Others will work throughout the day, taking breaks when they arrive at scenic sights they’d like to explore. 

Freelancing on the road can be challenging but also fulfilling, rewarding, and exciting. If you’ve been considering this way of life, you might experience success by prioritizing these tasks above.