Say goodbye to normality and live the RV life

Looking to escape normality and inject some adventure unto your life? Find out why you might want to consider swapping bricks and mortar for an RV.

It doesn’t matter whether you just returned from a trip last week or you have been home for months, the call of the open road is always there, along with the itchy feet and the constant desire to travel. The more you travel, the more you want to get out there and explore further. It’s a cycle of wanderlust. 

A great way to make travel a part of your daily life is to consider planning a trip that is ongoing, such as a round-the-world trip with no set end date in sight.

Just you, your passport, and of course, an incredible motorhome or RV to get your from A to B and everywhere in between. Just imagine the freedom that would come with having a home that’s on wheels, allowing you to go where you want, when you want. 

If the concept of living an RV life appeals to you, then you might be wondering what it takes to make it a reality. How easy is it actually to plan a constant trip, invest in an RV and actually quit normal life and start living the RV life?

Believe it or not, it’s far easier than you might think, it’s just a case of being smart about the approach that you choose to take, that’s all.

Love the concept of making a change and living a different kind of life? If so, you need your camping essentials, and below is a guide to a few steps that you can take to do that and make a positive change, allowing you to live a different kind of life. Read on for everything that you should know about starting out on the RV life route. 

Get inspired

Ready to travel with your RV? The first step to starting the RV life is to take the time to find your sources of inspiration. The concept of traveling day in, day out might sound appealing but it may also feel exceedingly stressful and daunting – there’s a lot to think about and consider.

It might not even seem like a truly doable option for you, as there’s a lot that you need to think about and take into account. However, if you take the time to source some inspiration from websites, other travelers, and social media about living the RV life, you may find that you realise just how simple life on the road can be. 

Admittedly, the preparation part of things could be stressful, but once you’ve dealt with all of the admin of moving your life to the road, things should be rather simple and stress-free. It’s just a case of actually getting to that point, that’s all.

You might find that sourcing reliable blogs and YouTube videos, from people who have actually moved their life to the road and an RV, could be useful to read and watch to help to prepare you for your new life. You’re sure to find plenty of useful tips and pieces of advice to take note of, it’s just a case of taking the time to actually do your research

Consider where you might want to go 

The next step is to start thinking about where you might want to go, or at least where you might want to start out. If you already have a travel bucket list that you’ve been meaning to fulfil, that could act as your road map to where you want to go.

Of course, with an RV it’s not just a case of staying somewhere for a week or two, you can spend months exploring each country and really getting to know the culture and understand daily life there. You are in control of where you go and what you do, you don’t have to worry about plane tickets and leaving dates, you can go where you want, when you want. 

When it comes to mapping out a travel route, it’s a good idea to have a brief idea of where you’re going so that you can make sure that someone always knows where you are and where you’re meant to be while you’re on your trip.

Traveling is usually very safe, however it’s important to ensure that you have someone who knows your location and is on hand to offer help, should you need it. 

Decide if you’re going solo or with a travel buddy 

The next step to think about is whether you are going to travel alone or whether you are going to go traveling with a travel buddy. It’s important to take the time to think about this and carefully consider your options. If you have a partner who also wants to travel, going travelling with them could be the ideal option.

However, if you’re single then you might want to consider whether you want to go traveling alone or with a travel buddy, such as a family member or a friend. 

Travelling alone can be exceedingly enriching, however there are also a number of safety issues with traveling alone, especially if you’re a woman. This shouldn’t be the case but the unfortunate truth is that it is the case, and being aware of it is important.

Then there’s also the fact that driving an RV can be rather tiring and it can be helpful to have a travel buddy to share the load with and map out plans with, making life on the road a little easier. If you’re going to be driving to remote places, it pays to have a plus one with you, to help ensure that no matter what, help is at hand. 

Think about your income 

Another important factor to consider is your income. You need to consider how you will cover the cost of your trip, both in the short-term and the long-term.

You might have enough savings to get you started, but what about going forward? You can’t live off of your savings forever, so you need to take the time to think about how you will earn an income while travelling and what your options are. 

One option could be to opt to find work as you travel, so wherever you go opt to source little jobs, such as bartending or waitressing. However, if you want the freedom to be able to work as and when you want to and to be able to travel wherever you want without having to think about finding work, then it might be worthwhile looking for a remote role before you head off on your travels.

Or, alternatively starting a small, remote business of your own offering some kind of freelance service, such as working as a freelance virtual assistant or a freelance marketer. 

Think about where your skills lay and use them as a source for choosing how to earn while you travel. Believe it or not, there are plenty of options available, it’s just a case of finding the one that’s the best fit for you. 

Look at buying an RV 

The next step is to actually look at buying an RV. The fact is that RVs don’t always come cheap, so you need to take the time to look at a range of different RVs and decide which option you would like to go for, and which option is within your price range.

You also need to think about what you want and need from your RV, whether it’s a certain amount of space or a certain feature, make sure that you know what you want and need your RV to have. 

You might also want to consider customising your RV, such as with private plates for instance, or with a special sound system fitted to make watching all of your favourite movies or listening to your favourite music more enjoyable. If you’re going to make your new RV your home, you need to take the time to ensure that you create a space that’s a perfect fit for your needs. 

Don’t rush into buying an RV, take the time to shop around. For an affordable option, consider looking at used RVs or Class A Motorhomes For Sale. Think about what you will need from an RV when you’re out and about on the road. You might like the idea of a large vehicle but you need to ask yourself how practical that will be to drive around in countries where the roads are rather small.

Be mindful of how choosing the right RV can make or break your travel experience and ensure that you shop smart. If you feel stuck about what features you need and what won’t make a difference, speak to someone who has lived in an RV and ask for their thoughts on what factors are essential and which are not. TheDrive noticed that it is also a good idea to rent a motor home and experience all the pleasures of RV travel before buying your own.

You may find that you’re surprised by what is important and what isn’t important. 

There you have it, everything that you should know about saying goodbye to normality and living the RV life and travelling as and where you want to, as and when you want to, whenever you want to.