How to make your garden a haven for remote work

As remote working becomes increasingly popular, many of us are looking for ways to transform our home environments into productive workspaces.

The humble garden, often overlooked, has the potential to become an inviting space for focus and creativity. With just a few adjustments and additions, you can create your own natural sanctuary for remote work.

Add greenery for privacy and serenity

The first step towards creating a garden workspace is establishing a sense of privacy and tranquillity. You want to be able to work without distractions, while also enjoying the beauty of your natural surroundings. Tall, leafy plants are ideal for this purpose.

Consider planting a few emerald green arborvitae, a type of evergreen that provides year-round coverage. They not only add a splash of colour to your space but also serve as a natural screen, blocking out unwanted sights and sounds.

Choose comfortable furniture

The second crucial component is comfortable and functional furniture. Your garden desk and chair need to be weather-resistant and robust, yet comfortable for prolonged use.

Consider investing in ergonomic outdoor furniture to ensure your garden workspace is not only practical but also supportive of your posture and overall health. Complement these with some soft outdoor cushions and throw blankets for chilly mornings or late-night sessions.

Weatherproof your workspace

Weather is a significant consideration when creating an outdoor workspace. While the British weather can be unpredictable, there are several ways to ensure your garden workspace is usable year-round. One option is to install a canopy or gazebo to protect against both rain and strong sunlight. Adding a heat lamp or outdoor fireplace can also make the space comfortable during cooler months.

Sort out your technology and connectivity

Just like your indoor office, your garden workspace will need a reliable internet connection. This could be as simple as extending your home Wi-Fi signal to reach your garden, or you might need to look into a more robust solution, such as installing an outdoor access point.

Remember to consider power solutions for your devices as well. Solar-powered chargers can be a great eco-friendly option.

Add personal touches

Personalising your workspace can improve your motivation and productivity. Add elements that bring joy and reflect your personality. This might include outdoor art, wind chimes, bird feeders, or even a small water feature for calming ambient sound.

Consider a garden office

If you’re looking for a more permanent and substantial solution, you might consider installing a garden office. These purpose-built structures provide a fully insulated and secure workspace separate from your main home. They come in various sizes and designs, offering the same amenities you’d expect from an indoor office but with the added benefit of being surrounded by nature.

By following these steps, you can transform your garden into a productive and serene workspace. Whether it’s the rustling of leaves, the scent of blooming flowers, or the sight of emerald green arborvitae swaying gently in the breeze, a garden workspace offers a sensory experience that an indoor office can’t replicate. It truly is a haven for remote work.