Four efficient applications to keep you organized and productive while working remotely

Remote work is now more popular than ever. Although the world is gradually opening up, the clamor for it is louder than ever.

A large percentage of the workforce are now well-acquainted with the benefits of working away from their desks. There is the time saved from commuting, lower fuel and food costs, and decreases in absenteeism.

A survey conducted by Slack shows that 72% of the respondents prefer a hybrid work environment. The challenge is how to improve productivity without the physical setup.

Fortunately, technology keeps churning out new products and services that help keep employee productivity while working remotely. Here are four excellent applications that can help you stay effective and efficient, even outside the office. 

1) Todoist 

Have you ever felt like making a to-do list was a burdensome task all by itself? An inefficient to-do list can also make your pending items more complex than they already are, leaving you more flustered than ever. The multi-platform Todoist app is a boon to the remote worker who needs help keeping their lists organized and clean. 

The productivity app can get things down in a list for you as soon as you think of them, either as one-offs or as recurring activities. It can also break up big tasks into smaller subtasks, so you don’t get overwhelmed. With its nifty Smart Schedule tool, Todoist allows you to prioritize tasks by using a color-coding scheme.

What’s even more helpful is that the app has measuring and reporting capabilities that enable you to track your progress. This app works best for organizing schedules that do not need collaboration with others. 

2) 1Password

One big time waster for remote workers is the regular loss of passwords. In fact, more than 50% of Americans say that they reset passwords five times each month on average. While that is temporarily useful, it is expected that 57% of them will forget and need to change the passwords shortly after resetting them.

Don’t you just sometimes wish that you had some kind of password assistant, one who would safely store your passwords so that you don’t need to reset every time you forgot what they were. 

The 1Password app is here to rescue you from your password troubles. With 1Password, you don’t have to waste precious energy recalling passwords or worrying about whether you’ve been hacked or not.

This productivity app has important cybersecurity measures, such as its AES-GCM-256 authentication, which prevents data loss. The end-to-end encryption ensures that no one else has access to your information except yourself. The app is so secure that many banks and government agencies depend on it to protect their information. 

3) Airtable

Even when you work remotely, you most likely will still continue working with tables. However, to allow sharing across teams, you will perhaps need more than your usual Microsoft Excel tables. In comes Airtable to lend a capable hand.

A cloud collaboration service, Airtable is a spreadsheet-data hybrid. It has the same features like a database but can simultaneously perform the functionalities of a spreadsheet.

Although it would help if you are familiar with the formulas and functions of Excel, Airtable is easy to learn and use. Its user interface is simple, colorful, and versatile. Anyone can readily whip up a database in no time. With Airtable, you can manage team tables, process datasets for analysis, track sales and inventories, and a whole lot more.  

4) Google Drive

When Silicon Valley workers were asked about the most desirable tech companies to work for in 2020, it didn’t come as a surprise that Google emerged on top. After all, Google is undisputedly keen on continuously finding ways to do things better and faster. One proof that it is big on productivity and efficiency is its software solutions, such as its Google Search Engine, the Gmail app, Google Maps. And of course, it has the ubiquitous Google Drive.

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that gives a maximum of 15 GB in free storage. This is shared across the other interconnected products and services. If you need more, you can purchase additional storage space. Using the app has many advantages.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. The mobile app is available to both iOs and Android users, making it easy to pull out and make changes to files from anywhere on whatever device is on hand. It also has an autosave feature that is especially helpful for those who keep forgetting to save the changes they’ve made to their documents. 

Can you work smarter with the help of apps like these?

At no other time in history has the working landscape become more exciting. Just imagine how it will be in the future as technology develops more and more apps to keep productivity on a constant high, regardless of work location. The more you take advantage of these apps, the more capable you will be to meet the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead.

Photo by Maxim Ilyahov