How to make camping more enjoyable

Most people love going on vacation. They can take a break from work, explore a new environment, and relax with their friends and family.

However, camping can be a different story. Not everyone likes ‘roughing it’ in nature, nor do they like being away from the creature comforts of home and not having a roof over their head. 

While you might not like camping, you might be eager to cut costs on your next vacation or appease the camping lover in your life. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make camping a more enjoyable experience for all. 

Bring a power supply

Not having a power supply in the great outdoors is one of the most frustrating things about camping. You can’t charge your mobile devices, keep your food consistently cold, or even regulate the temperature in your tent. Bring a reliable form of power with you, such as a solar generator kit, and you can solve one of your primary camping woes. 

While some people are happy to disconnect from the digital world, not everyone is. A solar generator or another power source, like power banks, can make camping trips more enjoyable. You can plug in refrigerators, mobile chargers, laptops, and heaters and use them as if you were at home.

Access to a power supply also means you can venture off the beaten track and away from often overcrowded camping sites that typically provide power and other facilities.   

Take care of toileting

Imagine camping, and you might picture digging a hole in the ground to create a natural toilet. Venturing out to a wooded area in the dead of night to use the bathroom is few people’s idea of fun. 

If uncomfortable toileting routines make you nervous about camping, come up with a more comfortable solution before you set off to your preferred ideal travel destination. You might purchase a chemical toilet, toilet paper, and a costume tent to create a private and hygienic toileting area.

You can take the same approach with showering. Invest in a solar shower and a separate shower tent, and you don’t have to limit your camping trips to overcrowded campsites. 

Pack for comfort

You might associate camping with ‘roughing it,’ but your comfort levels are in your hands. If you pack enough things from home to ensure your comfort, you can be almost as content as you would be in your own home, a hotel, or a motel. 

Bring a mattress topper from home if you don’t believe a stretcher, foam roll, or air bed will be suitable on its own. You might also bring sheets, pillows, and blankets alongside a climate-compatible sleeping bag. It might even help to consider what you’ll sit on during the day while enjoying the outdoors. Cushions for a traditional camping chair might provide the support and softness you need. 

Review the weather

When you stay in a hotel in a beautiful town or city, you don’t have to worry about what the weather is doing. Rain or shine, you’ll be able to remain warm, cool, or comfortable within your accommodation. 

However, weather can play an integral role in your happiness while camping. Too hot, and you might swelter in your tent. Too cool, and you might struggle to enjoy a restful night’s sleep due to the cold. 

Review weather forecasts while planning your next camping trip, so you know what to expect. Many people go camping in spring, early fall, and early summer when the weather is mild without too many temperature extremes. If you identify any weather warnings for the area you plan to camp, consider rescheduling until the temperatures are more suitable for your needs. 

Bring food you love

Camping doesn’t have to be about eating ready-to-eat meals and tinned food that are easy to prepare on a campfire or gas cooker. You can enjoy many of the same foods you eat at home with a small amount of extra planning. 

Create a meal plan before you leave home to determine the most practical and delicious meal solutions. Try to include as many non-perishables as possible if you haven’t yet purchased a solar-powered generator or another power source to keep food cold. 

Many popular camping dishes are easy for solo travelers and families to prepare, such as chickpea curry, Dutch oven macaroni and cheese, campfire nachos, and one-pot pasta. You can also sustain yourself between those nutritious and delicious meals with pre-packaged snacks like muesli bars, crackers, and fruit.   

Camping might be uncomfortable if you’re unprepared, but it can be just as comfortable as staying in a motel or hotel with enough planning. Take care of these essentials above, and you might be surprised by how enjoyable your next camping trip can be.