How to get a psychic reading online and the best questions to ask

Thinking about booking a psychic reading? Find out how you can get one online and the best questions to ask.

Whether you believe in psychics or personal tarot readings or not, there are many people who find comfort from mediums and their insight into their client’s lives.

Online reading is not something new, as virtual communication has become collectively accepted by society. Many affordable readings are done online with the psychics, and their clients send text messages, have video calls, or talk over the phone.

One of the most attractive features is the privacy afforded to the client as there will be matters that they can’t share face-to-face.

Here are some tips to effectively get a reading done online, and the best questions to ask a psychic.

Get to know your psychic

Before you book a psychic, it’s important to get to know them. Read their profile online, it’s advisable to choose someone who best suits your vibe in order to have a better connection with them.

People dabble with the supernatural to help them resolve personal conflict or answer questions in their life as one study found that psychic readings help people move past traumatic events and overcome demons within them.

So choosing a legitimate website with real psychics is important as you might be opening up personal and intimate details of your life.

There are also psychics with particular specialties like relationships or those who can connect from the world beyond. Reading their testimonials is a good way to get to know them through the experiences of their clients.

Lastly, preparing your questions beforehand can help you create criteria from which you can select the psychic you’d want to go to. You might want guidance, insight, closure, etc. so it’s important to gather your thoughts and ask yourself what you want to get out of the reading. 

Choose a type of reading

Most of the psychics use tarot cards, but there are also those who don’t need material divination to conduct their practice. Online readers will have variations in their type of reading, and you might want to choose which type you’d want your psychic to do on you.

There are people who are clairvoyant, claircognizance, clairaudience, and those with mixed abilities. Here are five of the most common types of reading you can get from online services.

1) Tarot card reading

This is the most common type of reading, they will use tarot cards to read the path laid in your past that could influence your future. This is one of the best ways to get instructions on how you’re going to proceed or prepare for coming events in your life.

2) Clairvoyance

These are people who have the ability to perceive things visually. They can either see the future or see things that could not normally be seen through conventional methods.

3) Clairaudience

Similar to the clairvoyance, this faculty allows for somebody with special abilities to hear things that would be impossible in normal circumstances.

4) Claircognizance

This is the ability to just simply know things that would be impossible for a normal person to perceive.

5) Astrologers

The use of stars or horoscopes to foretell events about the person. They can also help you navigate or explain current events unfolding in your life and get a better perspective of things.


Online readings are primarily done through phone, chat, or video call. Once you’ve chosen your psychic, the next step is to choose the mode of communication between both of you as it may affect your supernatural connection as well.

When communicating through chat, it’s important that you clearly express your questions and expect some limits as they won’t be able to ascertain your tone by reading your messages.

After choosing your psychic reader, it’s important to construct the right questions to get what you need. 

Although it’s important to have some flexibility as some psychics may touch on topics you haven’t considered, having the right set of questions can help enlighten you and provide some clarity to your situation. Lastly, there are questions that you wouldn’t want to take your psychic’s word about it.

Five types of question you can ask in your psychic reading

Here are five types of question commonly asked in psychic readings.

1) Questions about your relationship

People are invariably interested in the workings of another person’s emotions. There are online sites that specialize in love and relationship readings. It is on these sites that you’d want to ask questions pertaining to matters of the heart and if success in finding true love is just on the horizon.

Here are some of most common questions people ask psychics about their relationship:

  • Will my current relationship last?
  • Will I marry the person I love?
  • Does my partner love me?
  • How can I connect with my soulmate?
  • How do I get over my ex-flame?

2) Questions about your business or career

Providing guidance in your career and business endeavors is one of the most common reasons why people seek those with special abilities. Here are some of the things that people often ask:

  • Should I take a new job (or business deal)?
  • Will I be successful in my current job or business?
  • Will my job take me outside the country?

3) Questions about future events

Predicting major future events and navigating through them is one of the services a reader can give you. After getting a reading, you can ask for instructions and guidance on how to take on such events.

Here are questions people sometimes ask about future events:

  • Where will I be in [number of] years from now?
  • Do you see a major event in my near future?
  • Can you help me navigate through my future?

4) Questions about your family

There are things about our family that we can’t really know through the normal plane of our existence. Through a psychic reading, we might gain insight into how our loved ones lived, are living, or will live.

Her are some of the questions people ask psychics about their family:

  • Will my son/daughter give me a grandchild?
  • When will I have a child of my own?
  • Does my late spouse have something they want to say to me?

5) Questions about challenges you’re facing

When we experience difficulties in life, it helps to ask the right questions to your reader to help you gain clarity about your situation. They might be able to enlighten you with the root cause of your problem, and by addressing it, you will be able to do away with the symptoms of the real issue.

Here are some questions that people might ask a psychic about challenges they’re facing:

  • How can I overcome my grief?
  • Will I ever move on from this problem?
  • How can I get peace after these trying times?

Online readings use the same elements as face-to-face readings

We hope this article helps you to get a meaningful reading from your psychic. And please remember that while the environment of how a person asks for a reading may have changed, the main elements used by your supernatural medium remain the same.

Their message for you may vary, but it’s important to get some translation or guidance from your psychic to avoid misconstruction of their message.