How to find an SEO company you can trust

Having a thorough understanding of SEO is essential if you want to make your space in this day and age. But how can you find an SEO agency you can trust to help you?

Implementing sound SEO not only allows you to gain leverage against your competition, but it also ensures that you don’t become completely invisible online. 

For those who don’t have enough knowledge on search engine optimization and have nobody on board who does, the solution is to turn to an SEO agency.

The problem with this though is that the SEO sector is still largely unregulated and pretty much anybody can improvise themselves as SEO experts these days.

However, by sifting through the literal thousands of SEO companies out there carefully, you should be able to find some gems. Here’s how you can find a trustworthy SEO company you can work with.

Try to get in touch with previous clients

An SEO company that has been around for a while should have an established list of clients. Ask if you can talk with some of them first. Ask their clients how long they’ve been working with them, what their experience was like, how long it took to get results, and ask to look at their website too.

Don’t rely too much on testimonials either; ask to talk with real people and make sure the references are recent.

Ask them if they can guarantee rankings within a set time 

Ask the company you’re thinking of working with if they can get you ranked in the top five for specific keywords on Bing, Yahoo or Google within a month. If they respond with something like “of course!” then run right away. 

No one can predict results when it comes to SEO, and the process takes time and dedication. The best you can ask from an SEO company is to make sure that you don’t lose positions. Everything else should be viewed as icing on the cake.

While you can expect some results on some of the keywords you were targeting, or more visibility on the local level, search engines ultimately have the last say and you could still lose ground even if everything was done right.

Ask them exactly what they’re going to do

If the company cannot tell you the methods they’re going to use to rank your site, then this could spell trouble, even if they were able to show proof of results. You just don’t know which type of techniques they’ll be using, and they could be either black hat or using a loophole that’s eventually going to backfire.

Good SEO companies like SEO Company Seattle will guide you through the whole process and will provide a wide array of services. A reputable SEO company will do much more than simply build links.

Certain agencies will focus on technical aspects that help improve your SERPs. SEO Agencies like Web Service CT, for instance, will do everything from keyword and competition analysis, on-page SEO, inbound and internal linking, and page speed optimisation among other things.

Find an SEO agency that can cover all the aspects of SEO and is up to date with their techniques. If you hear companies talking more about things like keyword density or “authority links” than bounce rates and mobile indexing, then they could actually be doing more harm than good to your site.

Ask how you can track progress

The company you work with should also not be reluctant to give you information on reporting and have a clear plan on how they’re going to do so. You should be notified every time something is done on or off site to improve your SEO and be able to visually track results. 

This Irvine SEO consulting company recommend that your SEO team be able to use SEO analytics tools and trackers that will easily convey the type of progress you’re doing. Note that success doesn’t necessarily equate to more traffic or higher rankings.

If more people stay and buy on your site, then this could be a winning situation as well. Better targeting your audience through SEO could result in more engaged clients, which is just as much of a success as moving up a few positions.

Don’t limit yourself to your immediate geographical location

Although it can be nice to meet with people face to face when you need help, most of the work can be done completely remotely through phone, emails or video calls.

You should focus on finding a good company bar none, and if someone recommends a company outside of your locality, then give them a try as well.

Though, if they implement some backdoor solutions, like running your site on a new CMS for instance, make sure that they aren’t proprietary and that you’ll be able to hand the wheel to someone else or make changes yourself later on without issues.

Finding a good SEO company these days can be difficult, but it can be done if you take the time to do the legwork. Whatever you do, make sure that you go with someone who is transparent, with a solid track record, and a genuine willingness to help.

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