How to celebrate a summer of self-love – part seven

Do you, like so many of us, seek that mystical state of inner peace? Find out how you can get closer to the peace you desire by connecting with your spirit.

Over the past six weeks, Katie Phillips from Daring & Mighty has shared several ways we can practise self-love to achieve health and happiness. In the final instalment in this series, she explains how we can achieve that much-desired (but often elusive) state of inner peace.

We all want inner peace

Every single woman that contacts me to enquire about my teaching and mentorship says she desires peace. And why not? At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all strive to feel?

When we feel peace, we can feel love and an absence of fear. It is easier to experience joy and happiness because we are open to it, rather than being blocked by a loud inner critic or ego-driven saboteur that instead drives us to experiencing distress, disharmony, worry and upset.

To find peace you need to connect with your spirit

So how can you achieve this wonderful inner peace? The answer lies in connecting with your spirit. But standing between that is your ego, the part of you that attempts to keep you ‘safe’ by thinking, feeling and behaving in ways that you have learned since birth.

Imagine stripping that back, and instead of thinking and acting on autopilot, you are in control of your emotions, master of your mind and feel deeply, truly, authentically YOU.

When you connect with your spirit, that is who you get to be. And the more you develop that special relationship with yourself, the more masterful you are able to be with your thoughts, feelings and emotions – and the more proud you can be of yourself because you finally rather like the skin that you are in!

A relationship with your spirit allows you to develop the deepest love, compassion and acceptance of yourself. I know this because my own life has transformed massively since discovering the beauty of my spirit, and I watch woman after woman experience that divine truth too through the work that I do with them.

How can you connect with your spirit?

Connecting with your spirit – and through that achieving the inner peace you desire – is a key part of your self-love affair. And the good news is that it’s fun and easy!

All you need to do is find things you love to do, and do them. It could be meditating, going for a walk, journalling, reading inspirational books, listening to music, exercise… whatever it is, make it a priority to do it regularly and enjoy it.

Your spirit is always with you, in everything you do. After all, it IS you! And you can choose to connect with your spirit, or follow your ego.

When you feel the pull of the auto-response to judge yourself or another, simply remind yourself, with compassion and kindness, ‘I remember who I am! I choose to see the truth’, and lovingly allow the judgement to fall away. In that moment, allow yourself to feel the power of that statement and feel the connection with who you really are.

Enlightenment comes through identifying with our spirit

I believe that to achieve the ultimate goal of enlightenment we need to learn how to identify with our spirit, not our ego. We must unlearn our disempowering attachment to fear, and instead learn to lean into love.

This is our daily assignment. It is to be practiced every single day, like a muscle that needs to be worked.

We must learn to love ourselves and when we come from spirit, it is so much easier to do because judgement, criticism, jealousy and competition fall away. All our fearful ways of thinking and operating are replaced with love. So love yourself enough to remember the truth of you every single day.

How can you connect with your spirit this week?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my self-love series, and learned helpful strategies and insights to help you enjoy a better relationship with yourself. But remember, these articles are simply an inspirational read if you don’t take action.

In order to see real change, you need to actually do something. And this week, I challenge you to make a list of 10 things you can do to connect with your spirit. What do  you love to do? What lights you up? Fills you with joyful energy? When do you feel really, truly you? What has you feel at peace and connected?

List all the things you love to do, and then commit to doing them! And trust that by connecting with your spirit, you’ll come closer to the inner peace you desire.

Katie Phillips is the founder of Daring & Mighty, an organisation committed to sharing the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself.