How to do unto others (and receive in return)

The idea of doing unto others isn’t just a nice ethic to live by. As we reveal, it can actually bring more opportunities, gifts and even wealth into your life.

In the penultimate part of the Love yourself wealthy series by Katie Phillips from Daring & Mighty, Katie reveals why the idea that we reap what we sow is as true when it comes to money as it is personal relationships.

Our thoughts have seen and unseen effects

Throughout my articles for Talented Ladies Club, I emphasise the importance of our thought, because all of our thoughts have powerful effects – both seen and unseen. And the visible effects of our thoughts and deeds are paid out to us in friendship, gifts, money, inheritance and blessings.

Last autumn, two dear friends paid for me to fly to Morrocco. I am so grateful for their generosity, yet when I think about it, it’s no surprise. I cherish their friendship and feel warm-hearted whenever I think of them, and it feels right to receive their kindness (this acceptance of gifts in any form – material or emotional – is linked to self-love and our belief that we are worthy of receiving).

If you receive, you must also plan to give

This is the law of giving and receiving – as you think, so shall it be. But when we think about receiving, we must all have an equal plan of giving.

There needs to be a natural balance between the two, and when we give without fear of lack, we are telling the universe that we believe that we are provided, and so shall that be.

The more you help, the more you will receive

When it comes to wealth acquisition, I believe that the more you can help others to achieve their abundance, the more abundance you yourself will receive.

This may well work financially, but in many ways the joy of helping others is also its own kind of riches. If the law of giving and receiving is a law of balance, then it figures that the more we can give, the greater our ability to receive becomes. So let’s all choose generous thoughts and invest our intentions wisely!

Are you ready to receive?

In a world where we are all thinking positive thoughts towards each other and looking for ways to give, so we will all naturally be on the receiving end of those thoughts and actions from others.

But this doesn’t have to be some idealistic utopia that’s a nice idea but practically unworkable. You can start creating that utopia today simply by changing the way you think and act to those people around you.

With the natural order of the world, you should find that the more you give, the more you will receive from others keen to reciprocate in kind. And the more positive, giving, uplifting people you will attract into your life. So why not start today?

Katie Phillips is the founder of Daring & Mighty, an organisation committed to sharing the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself.