How ex-government worker Rhiannon Abbott launched her own bread making business

One of our favourite things about running our online training courses is seeing the difference they make to reader’s businesses – and following their stories.

So, as part of our Start it up! campaign as we launch the new TLC Business Club, we thought we’d re-share this interview with Rhiannon Abbott, who previously joined our Kickstart business programme. Rhiannon’s business, The Epsom Bakehouse has been such a success that she was featured as a real-life inspiration in Country Living’s annual bookazine How to turn your hobby into a business.

In our video interview with Rhiannon we found how how and why she left her career in local government to follow her passion and launch her bread making business, and how the resources, feedback and support in Kickstart have all helped.

“I’ve been there and done it, and it’s going to be fine”

We asked Rhiannon how Kickstart has helped her grow her business. This is what she said:

“At the end of last year I was wondering how to grow my business and how to tap into support from other businesses. It felt like I was the only one facing the challenges of starting a business, and as soon as you start talking to other people who run businesses you realise you’re all facing similar issues.

That part of it and having the online networking, and the group and the support threads and the sharing of ideas, and getting feedback helped reduce the loneliness of being a small business owner. It also helps you progress – people suggesting ideas you might not have even considered can help you grow your business.

Another thing is having the templates and the support and they’re easily set out. They take you through a guided progress of what you need to think about. When you start out running a business for the first time you think, “how am I going to do this?” Having those guides is really helpful to stop you getting overwhelmed.

Sometimes you just need someone to say, “I’ve been there and done it, and it’s going to be fine.””

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