How can your job support you through your divorce?

Divorce can be a challenging time but how can your employer help during this period? Read on for suggestions on how your job can support you.

Divorce solicitors in Ipswich, and surrounding areas of East Anglia, will be well aware of the emotional, financial, and legal toll that divorce can take on individuals.

Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. It can be emotionally draining, time-consuming, and expensive. 

During this difficult period, you need support, not just from family and friends but also from your employer. In this article, we will discuss the many ways in which your job can support you through your divorce.

How can employers support employees through divorce?

There are a number of ways an employer could support employees as they go through divorce. Here are seven possible ways companies can show support.

1) Offer flexible working hours 

One of the ways in which your employer can support you during your divorce is by offering flexible working. This can be in the form of flexible hours or the ability to work from home. Flexible working can help you to manage your time better and make it easier for you to attend appointments with your divorce solicitor or attend to any other personal matters related to your divorce.

2) Offer some time off work 

Another way in which your employer can support you through your divorce is by offering time off. This can be in the form of bereavement leave or other types of leave. This can give you the time you need to take care of yourself and your family during this difficult period.

3) Provide counselling services

Employers can also offer counselling services to help employees deal with the emotional toll of divorce. Counselling services can provide employees with the support they need to manage their stress levels, anxiety, and other emotional issues.

4) Offer legal assistance

Some employers offer legal assistance to employees going through a divorce. This can be in the form of legal advice or even financial assistance to cover the cost of hiring a divorce solicitor. This can be a valuable resource for employees who may not have the financial resources to pay for legal assistance themselves.

5) Increase their pay

Some employers may offer an increase in pay to employees going through a divorce. This can help to ease financial stress and provide some stability during a period of uncertainty.

6) Provide employee assistance programs

Employee assistance programs are designed to provide employees with support for personal or work-related issues. These programs can provide counselling services, legal advice, and other resources to help employees deal with the challenges of divorce.

7) Create a supportive work environment

Finally, employers can create a supportive work environment for employees going through a divorce. This can include providing a listening ear or offering support and encouragement to employees who may be struggling.

A supportive work environment can make a significant difference in an employee’s ability to cope with the challenges of divorce.

What additional support is available for employees going through a divorce?

Outside the workplace, there are a number of other supportive avenues to take to manage the emotional and stressful time a divorce can evoke. Here are three suggestions for additional support you can access yourself.

1) Self-care at home

Self-care is essential during a divorce to help manage the emotional toll it can take. This can include taking time for yourself, engaging in activities that you enjoy, and prioritising your mental and physical health. This can include things like exercise, meditation, journaling, or spending time with friends.

2) Access financial support

Divorce can often have significant financial implications, so it’s important to have financial support during this time. This can include working with a financial advisor to develop a budget, accessing government benefits, or negotiating a fair settlement with your spouse.

3) Parenting support

If you have children, parenting support can be invaluable during a divorce. This can include accessing resources like parenting classes, working with a co-parenting counsellor, or seeking guidance from a family therapist. It’s important to prioritise your children’s well-being during this challenging time and find ways to support them through the transition.

Your job can be a source of support

Divorce is never easy, and it can take a significant toll on individuals. However, your job can be a valuable source of support during this difficult period. From flexible working to counselling services, legal assistance, and more, there are many ways in which your employer can support you through your divorce. 

If you are going through a divorce, don’t hesitate to reach out to your employer to see what support is available to you. Remember, you don’t have to go through this alone as these are some options available to you.

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